Hello, everyone!  My iPod has just alerted me that I’ve… drumroll please!… REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

So, I’m dedicating this post to you.  Not just my 100 followers, but everyone who comes on my blog, reads my wacky stories and book reviews (more like book rants), comments, likes.  I really appreciate all of you guys!

So here’s a little update:

I’ve started the sequel to my Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story fic, and hopefully it’ll go somewhere.  I’ve been taking a little break from writing since I finished my second complete fic, but I’m still jotting down my ideas and stuffing them into my story box (seriously).

I’m also trying to work on a Percy Jackson fanfic, and it’s kinda going to be like a prequel to the PJ series.  It’ll have Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth.  I REALLY want to get this up on my blog, but my notes are messy and I’ve been putting off typing it out.  I’ve got about five different versions half-typed and saved in my laptop… yeah.  So this probably won’t be up for a while.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been doing Spell of the Week and Book Batches anymore!!!  Dun dun dunnnn!!!  I’ll definitely need to get back to that.

Speaking of books, if you’ve got any recommendations for me, please let me know!  I’d love to know what books you’ve read and enjoyed.

I think that’s pretty much all.

Thank you, guys!  You’re awesomesauce!



Let me know your thoughts!

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