Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

A/N: Ahhh!!!  I completely forgot to post Chapter 7 yesterday!  Well… er… here it is!

Chapter 7

Hermione’s heart pounded as she and Draco ran to the source of the scream, their wands held in front of them.

“No, no, no, no!” shrieked Pansy.

“PANSY!” shouted Draco.

There was another scream, and then another.  They reeled in Hermione’s head.  Something was amiss.  She grabbed Draco’s arm and covered his mouth with her hand.  She pulled him into a corner.

“What’s your bloody problem?” Draco hissed angrily.  He roughly grabbed Hermione’s hand and removed it from his mouth.

“Parkinson’s screaming.”

“No,” said Draco sarcastically.  “I hadn’t noticed.  Yes, I know she’s screaming, Granger!  Which is why we should GO HELP–”  Hermione covered Draco’s mouth again and made him quiet down.  “You don’t understand!  The screaming was prerecorded.  It’s all fake.  Or, maybe it is real screaming, but it’s definitely not coming from Parkinson’s mouth at this moment.  Each scream sounds exactly the same.  Same pitch, same length,” Hermione explained.

“Well… we still need to get to her,” Draco said.  “How do we get to her?  We need to know where she is!  If someone is in my home unauthorized, they could be a potential danger to all of us!”

“Right!” Hermione mentally slapped her forehead for forgetting.  They lived all of their lives as one.  “Wouldn’t we feel it if she were in pain?”  Draco considered this and grudgingly nodded after a moment.

“We’ll have to approach the scene slowly, in case someone really is inside.  We can always do the spell to bring anyone in the vicinity to us, but that could bring in our ‘attackers’ too…”  Hermione realized Draco was staring at her with an amused and exasperated expression on his face.  Hermione gave him a look.  “What?  I’m worried!”

Draco bowed.

The two cautiously walked back to the point where they stopped before.  “Is here alright?” whispered Draco.  Hermione nodded.  “You shield us.”  Hermione hoped that Draco would shield both them and not just himself.  Of course he would!  It was too late to turn back…

Hermione mentally counted to three.  “Homenum Revelio!”

Protego Maxima!” shouted Draco.  Nobody came.  The manor’s temperature seemed to drop another ten degrees.  Hermione and Draco stood in silence, a shield blooming around them.  Then, they heard a skid.  It was Pansy.

“They’re here!” she gasped, holding her wand up.  Draco gave her a funny look, his shield dropping.

PROTEGO!” Hermione shouted, shielding Draco and Pansy.  A purple flame rebounded off of the shield and hit the attacker.

Suddenly, a full-blown fight was occurring in a corridor of Malfoy Manor.

Confundus!” Pansy screamed.

Expelliarmus!” shouted Draco, disarming an attacker.  Cuts and bruises were forming on their faces.

A ball of yellow light hit Hermione unexpectedly.  Hermione fell to the ground, slowly slipping away from her consciousness.

Draco and Pansy felt a sharp pain in their chests.  They didn’t stop dueling.

They couldn’t.


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