Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

A/N: I know that S. P. E. W. was discontinued, but it’s a fanfic, so it’s still on in my story, haha!!!

Chapter 8

(Ron’s POV)

“Hermione, Hugo!  I’m home!” shouted Ron, closing the front door behind him.  “Kinsley let us all out early!  I was thinking maybe dinner at Mum’s house unless you had dinner ideas.”  He hung his coat and walked into the sitting room.  “Hermione!  Hugo?”  There was no response.

It’s three-thirty, they should be home by now.  And Hermione wouldn’t have left without leaving a note, thought Ron.  He stared warily at the telephone.  He felt embarrassed each time he unsuccessfully tried to use it.  Nevertheless, he picked up their cordless and dialed Hermione’s cell phone.  He waited as it rang, but it went to voice mail.  Ron hung up quickly.  Then, he Flooed to Harry’s house.


“Ron!” exclaimed Ginny.  “What are you doing here?”

“Have you seen Hermione?” he asked.

“Yes, I went to the S. P. E. W. meeting in the Ministry and she was there.”

“Well, when was the last time you saw her?” asked Ron.

“Eh… about that,” Ginny said as Harry walked into the room with Lily trailing behind him.

“Uncle Ronnie!” Lily shouted, bounding toward him.

“Hey, kid,” Ron said, scooping her up.  Lily giggled.

“Hi, Ron.  What brings you here?” Harry asked.

“Hermione.  She and Hugo–”

The landline started to ring.  Harry answered it.  “Hello?”

“Hi, I’m from the office at Kearing Hart Elementary School.  Is this Mr. Potter?”

“Yes,” said Harry, sounding confused.

“I’m calling about your nephew, Hugo Weasley.  His mother or father haven’t arrived to collect him, and school closed five minutes ago.  You’re the first person on the list who is authorized to collect Hugo if his guardians cannot.”

“Oh,” said Harry, glancing at Ron.  “Yes, I’ll be there in a few minutes.  Tell Hugo for me, please.  Yes, thank you.  Bye.”  Harry hung up the phone.

“What about Hugo?” Ron asked, following Harry as he picked up his car keys.

“That was Lily and Hugo’s school,” Harry began.


“Yeah.  It looks like Hermione never left work.”



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