One Year Library-Aversary

Today is the one year library anniversary.  Last year on this day, I made the library a regular part of my life.  And I am so happy that I did!  I have read SO many books from the library in one year.  The exact number of books I’ve read from June 25, 2012 to June 25, 2013 is 192 books, starting with Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart.  I can’t believe I’ve read so many amazing books from the library, and I’m astonished by the number!  Some of you may not think 192 is a lot to read in a year, but I think that’s a whole lot to read in a year.  Ahhh!!!  I’m so proud.

So, here’s an update:

  • I think I’m going to continue working on part two of my Dramansy story soon.  I started it immediately after I finished Kidnapped, but I was taking a short break from writing to catch up on other things.
  • I’ve fallen in love with Korean dramas!  I’m watching one called Coffee Prince on Hulu.  It’s awesome and funny!
  • I am surprised but very happy to say that I finally picked up The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima from my library and I’m loving it!  It is full of romance and action and… it’s just amazing.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series : )
  • I’ve also fallen in love with rock music.  I’m addicted to writing my favorite songs down in a notebook so I can raid YouTube to look for them again, HAHAHA!!!  I love Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback and Flyleaf and Three Days Grace.  I also love Nickelback’s music video for Savin’ Me, which is, um, pretty much AMAZING!
  • I’m going to try to read Stephenie Meyer’s The Host–I’ve heard a lot about it, and just like with Twilight, I no longer want to be left out of the talk!

That’s all for now.  Catcha later!




12 thoughts on “One Year Library-Aversary

  1. I have the whole Inkheart series in hardcovers. It’s AMAZING! I love it so much! I’m so glad you read it! Such a great story. I mean, it’s a story within a story, sort of like inception. WHICH IS GREAT. Just thought I should share my “I love Inkheart” rant and look slightly crazy. 🙂


      1. The movie was terrible and the ending of the movie was not accurate to the book. Very disappointed after watching it. Kind of like how I was disappointed after reading Eragon and then watching the movie.


      2. Yeah! They altered what happened to Dustfinger! UGH I was sooo disappointed, but I guess they did that because they weren’t planning on making Inkspell, so they didn’t make Dustfinger wait for Darius. GAH!


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