Lauren Myracle Is Back!

One of my absolute favorite authors is Lauren Myracle, who wrote the beloved Winnie Years, the series which I love.  Well.  Her site was down for a while, so every once in a while I’d check to see if it was back up, but each time it gave me a funny message.  Ha-ha funny, not weird funny, haha.

So, last week, before I checked to see if her site was up, I was thinking about it, because the Winnie Years is probably my favorite realistic fiction series.  I own all of the books from that series.  The day after I was thinking about her, I think that was a Friday, I checked to see if her site was up… and GUESS WHAT?!  HER SITE’S UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!!!  And, Myracle’s written a new book, The Infinite Moment of Us, which I have ordered from my library.  It’s not yet published, but I’m so excited to receive it!

I also checked out her Wikipedia page… wait, maybe it was the Winnie Years’ Wikipedia page… anyway, one of them stated that Myracle has plans to write a spinoff series about Ty Perry, Winnie’s little brother.  And, you should have seen my face when I read that.  It was like early Christmas or something!  I’m so psyched.

You can find Myracle here: or here: 


Later, dudes!



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