My Monk-athon

monkThis is Monk.

Monk, this is everyone.  Everyone, this is Monk.  Don’t bother shaking his hand, ’cause he wouldn’t really appreciate it.  Monk is OCD and is an extreme germaphob.  See?

GIF      GIF 2So… yeah.  Oh, this is my first time posting GIFs and it’s working!!!!  Ahhh!!!  So these are all of Monk’s fears.  The two people in the pictures, the male, Lieutenant Disher and Natalie Teeger, Monk’s assistant, are ticking off Monk’s phobias.  There are more:

GIF 3BWAHAHA!!!  That’s my favorite one right there 😀

This weekend I picked up Season 4 of Monk from the library.  Then, I had a Monk-athon.  I’ve only finished the first disk, but let me tell ya, I was giggling throughout the entire show!  It’s just so… funny.  So, uh… why don’t I tell you a little about the show?

Adrian Monk was a very successful ex-cop whose wife, Trudy, was killed in a car bomb he believed was meant for him.  After Trudy’s tragic death, Monk had a nervous breakdown.  His OCD went into the extremes (as you can see from the GIFs xD).

Now, Monk is a brilliant detective who solves murders because he was unable to solve Trudy’s.  But, he still works to solve Trudy’s murder.  He hasn’t given up.

I hope I describe it well enough.  It’s a hilarious show, though, it really is.  Okay, I have to do just a few more pictures, cause I’m loving this!

Later, dudes!


MONK PIC                   Monk phobias


Let me know your thoughts!

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