Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

A/N: OMG, yes.  I’VE BEEN SO BAD!!!  I completely forgot to post last week’s chapter!  *Sigh*  I’ll post two chapters.  Don’t be mad!!!  Okay, yeesh.  I’ll get on with the story xD

In this chapter, I feel like I got a little off-topic, like, turning to another plot.  I guess it’s okay, but if you feel like something’s off, it’s probably that haha!

Chapter 9

Draco and Pansy dueled everyone who broke into Malfoy Manor.  After everyone was unconscious, Draco Flooed the bodies to somewhere across Britain, then Flooed back.

“Where’s Granger?” asked Pansy.  Draco’s eyes widened.  He’d completely forgotten about her.  “Granger!”

“Granger!” shouted Pansy.



There was a moan.  Draco and Pansy approached the source of the noise slowly with their wands out.  Pansy was first to see Hermione.  “I, uh, I’ve found her.”  Draco rushed to Pansy, and saw Hermione lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

“Pansy,” Draco said slowly, “get Blaise over immediately.”  He lifted Hermione and took her to her room.  Perhaps I should owl Weasley.  They saved my life in the War, Granger’s lot.  But it would blow the whole thing.  Weasley wouldn’t let his darling wife stay with me, even if it mean removing her from a safe environment and placing her in danger.  Maybe contacting Potter…?  He’d be more understanding, wouldn’t he?  Nah.  Didn’t Granger say she has children?  We’ve got to pull them out of Hogwarts.  I’ve got to pull Scorpius out of Hogwarts as well.  And how will I tell–

“I’ve owled Blaise.  He’ll be here as soon as possible,” Pansy said, pulling Draco from his thoughts.

“Good,” said Draco.  The two pulled up chairs and sat in silence, bandaging their arms.  “I don’t understand something,” Draco said slowly.  Pansy looked up.  “Why aren’t we hurt?” asked Draco.  “Unless… unless someone knew.”  Pansy frowned in concentration.  “That is strange, isn’t it.”  Draco nodded and went back to his arms.  “You know,” he said after a moment’s hesitation, “Granger’s the one who concocted the plan to, er, save you.”

“Oh?” asked Pansy dryly.  “I’m not surprised.  She was a Gryffindor, after all.  It isn’t in their nature to just let someone die, is it?”

“I’m just saying… we should lay off.”

“Please, Draco!” scoffed Pansy.  “Are you seriously going soft on Granger?  Besides, we both know why she ‘saved’ me.  She was only worried about getting killed, too.”

“It wasn’t that,” Draco said.  “She’s the one who figured out that you weren’t hurt.  I wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

“Oh, Merlin.  You’re actually giving her credit for something,” said Pansy.  “After all those years of our… history with her, you choose now to give her credit.”

“It’s not like it was just me, Pansy,” Draco said.  Pansy fell silent.  That was true.  Pansy was the mean girl who bullied the bookworm.  The two sat in silence once again.  “Is the Glamour strong enough to stay on Granger while she’s in this state?” Draco asked finally.

“No.  I’ll redo it later.  It’ll wear off in a few minutes.  We can’t let Blaise know of this, so we’ll just come up with a story or something.”

Then, a silvery jackal appeared in front of Draco.  “Speaking of which, he’s here.”  Draco left the room to let him in.  Pansy looked around the room and realized Draco hadn’t left a Blood Replenishing potion or a glass of water.  She scowled and called the House-elf.  “Woedisis!” said Pansy.  The familiar ‘crack’ of the House-elf appearing filled the room.  “You called, Miss?”

“I need a jug of water on a tray with a glass, and a Blood Replenishing potion.”  Woedisis left the room, fetching everything.  Within seconds, the House-elf returned and placed the tray on a small desk in the room.  Pansy nodded curtly at the House-elf, who left.

She heard two male voices.  Draco opened the door with Blaise behind him.  “I came as fast as possible,” Blaise said.  “She said it was urgent.”  He turned to the bed and saw a familiar face.  “No way.  The Mudblood?”

Don’t call her that!” hissed Draco.  Pansy and Blaise turned to him in astonishment.  “Oh, just do what you were called to do, Zabini.”

“Alright, alright.”  Blaise took a chair and seated himself next to the bed.  He took out his wand and did a diagnosis.  “Why are you helping Grang–er–Weasley?”  Draco and Pansy stayed silent.

“She was hit with a spell?”

“Yes,” said Draco.

“What spell?”

“Er, we-we don’t exactly know, Blaise.  We just found her in an alley after a stroll and she was unconscious.”  Blaise nodded.  “Well, it was a custom spell.  One I happen to recognize,” Blaise said, glancing at Draco.  “Did you not recognize the spell?”

Draco clenched his jaw.  “I didn’t perform a diagnosis.”

Pansy noticed the obvious tension radiating off of the two men and said, “I’ll ask the House-elf for some biscuits and water.”  She left the room.

When Blaise was sure she had left, he continued.  “How,” he said, “would Granger come across this spell unless she was with a Death Eater?”

“How would you know about their spells unless you are associated with them?” Draco asked, mimicking Blaise’s tone.

“Please, Malfoy,” scoffed Blaise innocently.  “Why would you accuse me of being affiliated with such a horrible group?  I never even bore the Dark Mark… unlike some.”  Draco glowered at Blaise, ignoring his last remark, “Because I don’t trust you, Zabini!”

“Then why was I permitted entry in your home?  Hmm?”

“She needed help!”

“And you just needed to help her?  You hate her, Malfoy,” whispered Blaise.  “Or, at least, you hated her.  There’s something going on here.  I’ll find out in my own way, Draco, if you don’t wish to confide in me.  And you know my ways.  They aren’t pretty.”

“Is there anything you can do to help her or did I ask you here for nothing?” asked Draco, trying hard to keep calm.

“She needs a Blood Replenishing potion every hour, on the hour for forty-eight hours, plenty of water, and rest.  She is to be bedridden for a week.”

“A week?” Draco yelped.  Blaise raised a brow.  “Yes, a week.  Is there a problem with that?”

“No, not at all,” said Draco, quickly restoring his calm façade.

“Good.  I shall be back in a few days to check on her progress.  Oh, she also needs this.”  He produced a small bottle and handed it to Draco.  “It’s a potion that will help her get over the side effects of the spell.  It’s very rare.”

“And how did you happen to come across it?” Draco retorted.  Blaise ignored him and walked to the bedroom door.  He opened it and paused, turning to Draco.  “What happened to our friendship, Malfoy?”

“It was terminated when you betrayed me.”  Blaise looked down, for once, showing his old self and not the pompous person that replaced him.  “I thought you of all people would give me the benefit of the doubt,” he said quietly.  Draco stayed quiet.

“How are your parents?”

“They’re well  They’re on holiday in the village of my paternal aunt,” said Draco.  He hesitated and said, “She still has feelings for you.”  Blaise’s head snapped up.  “Who?”

Draco scoffed.  “Pansy.”

“Yeah, well… things aren’t the same between us.  Not since she disappeared for five years without a word,” Blaise said, his voice hardening.

Will Weasley feel the same way about Granger if–when–she returns? thought Draco.  He was not in any way feeling sympathy for Granger.  No, it was merely… bah.

“Zabini, come on.  Give her a break.  You knew her job required the utmost discretion.  You knew that one day she’d have to leave.”

“I didn’t think she would actually leave without telling me.  Without even leaving a note!” said Blaise in disgust.

Pansy returned to Hermione’s room with a tray.  “I’ve brought some–”

“Goodbye, Malfoy, Pansy,” Blaise said, leaving.  Pansy’s face fell.

“Pansy… he’s an idiot, you know.”

“This is about my job, isn’t it?  I don’t even know why I chose this job… I felt like I had to… help people, y’know?  I wanted to say goodbye, honestly.  My boss wanted me to leave right away, though.  Blaise had never understood that.  He was used to me leaving for a day or two at the most, but I was always able to give him a heads up.”  Hermione stirred.

“We’d better start giving her the potions,” said Pansy flatly, turning away from Draco.


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