The Life of Ty: Penguin Problems by Lauren Myracle

Oh… My… Goodness… Gracious!  Or as Winnie Perry would say, “Holy pickle crap!”

I was checking out book reviews on this fine, fine day when I saw something that jumped out at me: a review on some book called The Life of Ty: Penguin Problems.  I checked who the author was: Lauren Myracle.  I was like, “Lauren Myracle, no big–LAUREN MYRACLE?!?”  I immediately clicked on the review.  You can find the review HERE.

You would not BELIEVE how stunned I was.  I checked to see if my library carries it (it doesn’t).  BUT, I will hopefully get to read this book soon!  The cover is so adorable!  See:

The life of tyMyracle references the penguin he stole from the Georgia Aquarium *chortles.*  And now, for a synopsis brought to you by Goodreads:

Winnie Perry’s sweet baby brother, Ty, is the quintessential dreamer, full of big ideas and wacky plans that only a seven-year-old boy could hatch. Whether it’s battling the family cat with a Dustbuster or smuggling a baby penguin out of the aquarium, Ty is always in the middle of a well-intended, big-hearted scheme.

In the spirit of the Judy Moody spinoff Stink series, Ty will work his way into the hearts and funny bones of a whole new generation of Myracle fans.

Sounds awesome!  I can’t wait!



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