Book Review: V. B. Rose Volume 1 by Banri Hidaka

V. B. Rose Volume 1Title: V. B. Rose Volume 1

Author: Banri Hidaka

Summary: Ageha gets the job of a lifetime – making her sister’s wedding dress. Ageha loves making handbags and other accessories, so when one of her sister’s dress makers hurts his hand she jumps right in to help! And thus begins Ageha’s adventures at the fashionable Velvet Blue Rose. -Goodreads


Wow!  I’ve just read my very first magna novel!  It was a pretty funny experience, if I do say so myself *snicker.*  Let me tell you about it.

So, I was BORED OUT OF MY MIND with Prodigy, and I was at the library, so I decided to have a go at something different: magna.  I looked at a few of them before I chose V. B. Rose Volume 1.  I was happy to see that volume 1 was available.

I checked it out and looked at it and realized something rather odd: the back seemed to be the front and vice versa.  I opened it and saw that the last page (which I thought was the first page) said, “STOP!  This is the back of the book.  You wouldn’t want to spoil a great ending!”  I just about fell over with inward laughter.  I pretty much ignored the rest of the page (which just so happened to contain instructions on how to read magna) and flipped to the ACTUAL front of the book.

I start reading and then realized that I don’t know HOW to read this.  Er… awkwardness… let’s check the Internet, yeah?  So I looked it up and found instructions on how to read magna.  The article also said that some magna books include instructions in the back.  I flipped to the back, and sure enough, there were the instructions, glaring up at me and screaming, “WE WERE HERE FROM THE BEGINNING!”

After getting over feeling silly, I started reading.  There were several times when I felt like I was reading out of order, but I finished it quickly!

I know this isn’t much of a review, but the only thing I can really say about the book is that I enjoyed it and I was very entertained, surprisingly.  I can’t wait to get Volume 2!!!

5/5 stars : )


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