Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

A/N: I know, I know, you don’t have to say it.  I’ve been getting really off-track with my updating for this story.  It’s supposed to be updated every Friday, not every Monday!!!  Maybe I should just change my updating days… Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 11

“Pansy, I think we should ignore Blaise and place another Glamour on Granger,” said Malfoy.  “And ignore the whole bedridden for a week thing.  My parents refuse to stay with my–that woman–any longer.  They’re on their way home as we speak.”

Pansy glared at Draco.  “Haven’t you thought that maybe I’m tired, Malfoy?  I’m not doing anything tonight.  Well, other than sleeping, that is.”

“Alright…” Draco said, scratching his head.  “Well, good night, then.”  He began to stalk off, but Pansy grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.  “Oh, no.  Remember what Blaise said?  She needs to take the Blood Replenishing potion every hour?”

“Yes, but–how did you know?  You were off getting biscuits.”  Draco frowned.

“The House-elf was off getting biscuits.  I was standing at the door listening,” said Pansy.  “I walked away for a moment and then came back.  I know Blaise and how he thinks.  I know his strategies.”  Draco shook his head and headed back to Hermione’s room, dreading the night.


Draco sat in a chair next to Hermione’s bed.  He tried to understand the complex woman, but he couldn’t.  Not in school–not that he ever really tried–and not now.  Draco knew now that Hermione was not a Mudblood, but a Muggleborn.  She was quite intelligent.  Draco felt as though he needed to at least try to be more kind.  They would never pull off a fake marriage if one hated the other.  I should write a letter to Hogwarts about removing Scorpius and Granger’s children as well.  Or child?  From the letters Scorpius has sent, it seems only one of Granger’s children attends Hogwarts…

Draco stood from the chair and sat at the desk at the other side of the room.  He opened a drawer and pulled out a piece of parchment, a quill, and ink.  He removed the lid of his ink well and began writing:

Headmistress McGonagall,

Due to classified circumstances, I should like to request the removal of my son, Scorpius Malfoy, and Mrs. Hermione Weasley’s–

Draco stopped.  He didn’t know which of Hermione’s children attended Hogwarts.  He decided he’d finish the letter after he woke Hermione up for her potions.  In the mean time, he pushed the letter to Hogwarts aside and pulled out another piece of parchment.  Draco began to write…


I am having special company in the Manor on account of what I spoke to you about before you took your holiday.  I am removing Scorpius from Hogwarts immediately and home-schooling him at the Manor until everything is sorted out.

If anything suspicious arises, please owl me.  My mum and dad are coming back from their own holiday and will ask of your sudden departure.  If they contact you, tell them that you’re in the vacation house in Albania–yes, the truth.

Also, if you hear anything about Blaise Zabini, please let me know.

Sincerely yours,

Draco Malfoy

Draco folded the letter and tied some twine around it.  He turned to Hermione, who was sleeping soundly, and left the room.


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