General Hospital Today: 07-22-13

Man, oh, man!  Today’s episode was fun-ny!

Every night, I watch General Hospital.  It’s craziness.  Like, everyone is interrelated and stuff and it’s just pure ridiculousness. But… it’s also pretty funny.  Today’s episode was especially funny!

Tracy and AJ were sooo funny!  I think they were my favorite parts of today’s episode.

Ava was talking with AJ in the Quartermaine mansion and then Tracy walks into the room and goes, “Oh… ug.”  Yes.  Ug.  Not “ugh,” but “ug!”  Oh, Tracy!

Morgan asked Kiki to marry him in the previous episode, and in today’s episode, she said yes.  Ava was, er, shocked.  AJ was all, “Really?  You guys are, like, ten.”  BWAHAHAHA!!!

So, Morgan was all, “Yeah, let’s pop some bubbly,” and Tracy said, “There are juice boxes in the kitchen.”  OMG TRACY CRACKED ME UP TODAY!!!  Whenever she and AJ are in the same room, something funny always happens.  If y’all are GH fans, you probably remember Tracy’s “30 extra pounds and a stupid haircut” remark from a while back.  LOL.




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