One Direction and Big Time Rush

I saw a clip of the Big Time Rush song “24/7” on TV and have been thinking about it ever since.  Why?  No, I’m not a mega fan of Big Time Rush.  I’ve been thinking about it because I also saw the music video of the One Direction song “Kiss You” a few days before the BTR video and couldn’t help but notice certain similarities.

1DOne Direction

Is it just me, or is one boy band similar to the other?  I’m not huge fans of either band, but I’M NOT HATING ON THEM.  I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE BANDS OR THEIR MUSIC.  Seriously.  I just thought the two seemed similar… but maybe it’s just me.

So, check out the videos for yourselves, and tell me what you think: Are there similarities between the two bands/videos?  Or am I just crazy?  BWAHAHA!!!  That’s all for now!

Music Video: “Kiss You” by One Direction

Music Video: “24/7” by Big Time Rush

BTR**I know this is an older picture of BTR, but I think they look much better without the weird hairstyles.  Just my opinion -.-

But, here’s a more recent photo of them if you prefer it 😀

BTR With Funny Hairstyles


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