Pandora or Songza?

Pandora and Songza are both mobile and PC music providers.  On my iPod, I have both Pandora and Songza.  I didn’t use Songza as much because Pandora is my go-to music provider when I’m listening on my iPod.  Recently, Pandora started giving mobile listeners a monthly listening limit of 40 hours per month and I started looking to Songza for music. 

The mobile app for Songza used to be… well, blah.  But now, after a few updates, they’ve really improved the look of the app, making it look more professional and appealing. 

Here is the look of Pandora’s mobile app:


So, to the left, there’s what Pandora’s app looks like when you’re listening to music.  When you double tap the album cover, you get a screen that looks like the picture to the right.  Some songs offer lyrics and an About of the artist.  Above the Lyrics, where the album cover is, as you listen to more music, you can also see the covers of previous songs you listened to.  When you hit the back button, which is on the upper left corner, you get this:


This is your station listing.  This is the screen you get when you hit the back button.  It shows all of your stations.

So, here’s Songza’s mobile app:


The picture to the left is the first screen you see.  It tells you the day and the time of the day, and it gives you a bunch of different choices as to what kind of music you want to hear: entertaining cool friends, bedtime, pre-gaming with friends, bedtime, etc.  Then, once you choose that, you get another list of choices.  But you can change the day and time of day if you like.  It doesn’t need to be Friday night.  It could be Tuesday morning!  If you tap that little arrow next to the word ‘night’, you get to choose the day and the time of day.  Coolie!

On the screen to the right, you have the album cover.  If you swipe the album cover to the right, you can see the covers of previous songs you listened to.  Now, with Songza, you don’t get song lyrics or info on the artist.  Music’s all you get.  You also don’t get stations.  You do get recently played, though.  Their music selection is a bit more limited, though.  If you type in an artist, you don’t get that artist’s radio, but a playlist of songs that may include that artist or something similar. 

I think I’m going to stick to Pandora as my main Internet radio, but Songza definitely comes after. 

So that’s all.  I just felt like sharing 😀



Let me know your thoughts!

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