Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters: The Movie

On August 14 I went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!  I was so happy with it!  The movie was definitely better than Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which was, er, kinda horrible.

THEY BLEACHED ALEXANDRA DADDARIO’S HAIR BLONDE!!!  Finally!  In the last movie, she was a brunette.  I was like, “Uh, which character is that?”  And then I realized it was a brown-haired Annabeth.

I actually hadn’t seen the first movie in the theater, but a few years after it had come out, so I was super excited to see SoM!

Clarisse… hmm… I think she was good.  The actress who played her was actually in the Hunger Games!  Except they dyed her hair brown for SoM…

Okay, so Kronos?  I don’t know… he looked like a robot.  What?!  It’s just not how I imagined him… I actually don’t really know how I imagined him, but it wasn’t like that.

OMG, Luke?!  BWAHAHA!!!  He was pretty funny in this movie!  There was the part where Percy was on the roof of the ship, and Luke was all, “Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing?  Get off my roof!”  PRICELESSNESS!!!

So, yeah, I really did enjoy the movie.  I think I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars 😀


Let me know your thoughts!

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