Monk, House, and Library Drama :D

I’m sure you guys know how much I enjoy the crime show/comedy, Monk.  He’s the consultant with OCD 😀  Anywho, my journey with Monk is coming to an end soon, as I’m on Season 6 and there are eight seasons.  At first, I was like, “Whoa!  HOLD THE PHONE!!!  This cannot be happening!  Monk can’t be almost finished for me!  No.  No.  NO!”  I was, yes, in denial.

But one day at the library, I was browsing through the DVD section and found House.  House?  Wh-What the heck is House?  Sure, I’d heard of the show, but was never interested enough to research it.  But because Monk is coming to an end, I decided to check out House.  One thing that pushed me to do it was the fact that it said CSI-minded doctors on the box, or something like that, but my brain interpreted that into something else that made me think they were CSI.  So I was like, “Ooh, another crime show!  Could this possibly take the place of Monk?”  O_o

When I got home that day, I immediately grabbed my laptop and plopped down on the couch, watching House.  Then and ONLY THEN did I realize that they were… doctors?  BUT WHO CARES!  I also learned that House was a person.  Gregory House.  BUT WHO CARES?!  Ya wanna know why this is my attitude?  Because Greg House is a rude, sarcastic, HYSTERICAL doctor.  He’s also addicted to Vicodin… but anyway.

He says some of the funniest things and I was delighted to know that there are seven episodes on a disc, rather than four episodes on a disc, like they do for Monk.  It was like an early Christmas!  I was ecstatic to have found a new show 😀

Unfortunately, I realized that I’d picked up Season 1, Disc 3.  Yeah.  I was a bit… upset… but I just ordered Season 1, Discs 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 from the library and I was good to go!



I check my library account and to my delight, House, Season 1, Discs 4 and 5 were waiting for me.  Yes!  So I made my journey to the library and picked up all the other things waiting for me.  Then I frowned.  Wait a sec.  I don’t-I don’t see House, why am I not seeing House?!  So I go to this super nice librarian who works there and asked if she’d help me find them.  She searched for them in the holds section and couldn’t find them either, so she went into the back room to see if they was there.

So I logged on to the WiFi and waited at the desk.  Then the librarian came back out and said she’d search under my first name too, but she still couldn’t find them!  So then she told me she’d get another librarian because maybe she might find them.  WHELP.  She couldn’t find them either, so she got TWO OTHER librarians looking for them.

It turns out that I guess somebody had walked out with my House DVDs.  They had to mark them as ‘missing’ and reorder them for me.  The one freaking thing I was looking forward to for the WHOLE WEEK!  And they weren’t even there!  But lucky for me, there were other House discs.  So I still got to have my House-athon 😀

And now, to lighten the mood!  Not that it was, er, heavy or anything XD.  I just wanted to give you a little taste of how funny (or mean, rude, and sarcastic) House is:

Dr. Wilson: I’m not going to date a patient’s daughter!
Dr. House: Very ethical.  Although, most married men would say they wouldn’t date at all.

(Wilson’s, like, House’s only friend.)

Dr. House: Go find out what it is.
Dr. Cameron: You want me to ask a man whose wife is about to die if he cheated on her?
Dr. House: No, I want you to be polite and watch her die.

Dr. House: Mr. Adams, would you step outside for a moment?
Mr. Adams: Why?
Dr. House: Because you irritate me.

Dr. Cuddy: I was expecting you in my office twenty minutes ago.
Dr. House: Really?  Well, that’s odd because I had no intention of being in your office twenty minutes ago.
Dr. Cuddy: You think we have nothing to talk about?
Dr. House: No.  I just can’t think of anything I’d be interested in.

(Cuddy runs the hospital)

Senator: What would the voters think?  If they find out I had a b-brain biopsy?
Dr. House: This could leave you b-b-b-brain damaged.

So that’s House for ya!  He’s pretty funny 😀

That’s just a little update on the shows I’m watching now.  Oh, I’ve heard that the woman who plays Dr. Cameron is on the show “Once Upon A Time.”  Dr. Cuddy played Crispin’s mom in “Daddy Day Care,” one of my all-time favorite movies 😀

That’s all for now!




Let me know your thoughts!

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