iTunes Problems–HELP!!!

I received an iTunes gift card and wanted to buy some music, but when I tried to buy the song, iTunes said that because it was my first time buying music from that computer, they needed me to answer two security questions.  Well, it isn’t the first time I’ve purchased music from that computer…

I didn’t recognize the questions, nor did I know the answers, and that’s something I would have definitely written down, ya know?

I did some research, but nothing seems to help.  So I tried looking for ways to reset the security questions, but no such luck.  The only way to reset the questions is to ANSWER YOUR OLD QUESTIONS!!! Thanks a bunch, iTunes.  Really.  That helps a lot.

So now I can’t use the gift card until I figure out a solution to this frustrating problem.  Not too happy about that.  -.-

Have you ever experienced this with iTunes?  Do you have any suggestions?  Leave them in the comments.



P.S. I’ll post my update for the Dramansy Story tomorrow : )



4 thoughts on “iTunes Problems–HELP!!!

  1. I would go into your account and see if you can change your questions from there to something you can remember. Also look for a small print sentence that gives you an email option, where they send you a temporary code. Never had this problem but it’s where I would start, hope it helps.


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