Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

A/N: Hey, guys!  I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever!  Sorry about this late post (again).  I’ve been having some computer issues, but here’s this weeks chapter.  Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 18

(Ron’s POV)


How are you?  Is Rose home yet?  Harry has news about Malfoy.  He seems very skeptical of Malfoy’s involvement, but he thinks he has proof that Malfoy is involved.  Come for dinner at half past six and we can talk.
Harry sent two Aurors into the field.  He also told them to take dogs with them.  I suppose that is because of their keen sense of smell.  He also said that it is what Hermione would have suggested.  Muggle methods…
How is Hugo?  Give him a hug and kiss from Harry and me.  He looked just about to fall apart the last time I saw him.  I think it will be good for Rose to be home, especially for Hugo.  They are welcome to stay with us if you need time alone, Ron.
You are probably going to tell me you are fine, but really, how are you?
We await your arrival.  We are having some sort of pasta, but it is rather special to Harry.  He found the recipe for it in a scrapbook of his mum’s in his parents’ home.
With much love from the Potters,

Ron folded the letter and shoved it into a drawer.  He thought about it for a moment, feeling a bit depressed.  Naturally, he missed Hermione.  Ron checked his watch and stood.  “Hugo!  Come downstairs, we’re going to pick Rose up from King’s Cross!  We don’t want to be late.”

Ron walked into the kitchen and looked at the hook on the kitchen wall that held the car keys.  He would only use the car in desperate situations.  Ron figured this was a desperate situation.  Hesitantly, he grabbed the keys and met Hugo in the living room.

“Hey, kiddo.  Are you ready to get Rose?” asked Ron, kneeling down in front of Hugo.

“Yes, Dad.”  Hugo’s eyes were red and puffy, and his face was tear-streaked.  Ron sighed.  “Alright.  Let’s go.”


“Ron,” said Ginny after she opened the door.  She saw Hugo and Rose standing on either side of him.  “Hugo, Rose!”  Rose’s eyes were puffy as she ran into Ginny’s open arms.

“Oh, Rose,” Ginny mumbled, stroking her hair.  “Shh…”  Ginny looked up at her brother, who looked terrible.

“Er–Harry!  Ron and the kids are here.  Lily!”  Harry and Lily strode into the living room.  “Ah, Ron.  Hey, Hugo, Rose.  How’re your first few months at Hogwarts?”

Rose made a noise that could have been a sob or a laugh.  Or a cross between both.  “They were good.  I made some new friends.  So far my closest is Carrie Morgan.”  Harry smiled, recalling his first year.

“Guess what?” Ginny said, holding Rose at an arm’s length.  “You three kids,” she said, regarding Rose, Lily, and Hugo, “get to eat in the living room and watch the television.”

“Yes!” Hugo said with a grin.

“Aw, Merlin,” Lily said glumly.  “That’s only ’cause they want to talk about grown-up stuff.”  But she still escorted Rose and Hugo to the couch.

Harry gave Ron a grim look.  “I’ve got news.”


After Ginny served the children in the living room, the adults took their seats in the dining room.  Ron moved his food around with his fork, which was uncharacteristic of him.  Ron never passed up a meal.

“We have eyewitnesses that report Malfoy was seen with Hermione… and apparently Pansy Parkinson,” Harry began.

“Parkinson?” Ron and Ginny exclaimed in unison.

“Well, didn’t you say that Parkinson was present at the S.P.E.W. meeting?” asked Ron in confusion.

“Yeah, but I hadn’t seen either of them after that…” Ginny mused.

“Exactly,” said Harry flatly.  “Anyway, we’ve found some other information that should interest you.”

“What?” Ron asked.  There was a long stretch of silence before Ginny said, “Harry?”

“I wrote to McGonagall yesterday.  She owled me back today at the Ministry.  Ron… I think you may have been right?”

“About Malfoy being involved?” Ron breathed.

“Yeah.  His son was sent home today, too.”


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