Upcoming Movies

Hey, everyone!  As I said in my last post, I’m writing a post about upcoming movies… but you already knew that!  So here’s my list of upcoming movies that have got me hyped.  Hope you enjoy!

Divergent moviesDivergent

AHHH!!!  This is it–the movie we’ve all been waiting for!  “Divergent,” which is based on Veronica Roth’s stunning book, Divergent, which is the first book in her Divergent trilogy.  It is going to be released on March 21, 2013!  Eeeeeek!!!  Aren’t you excited?!  I’m too excited–for a movie that’s coming out in five months from now.  I’m going to be bouncing off the walls, especially when the release date is coming up.

I wasn’t expecting Shailene Woodley to be cast as Tris, but that’s cool!  I think she and Kate Winslet are the only people who were cast that I recognized, though.

Though, I think Kate Winslet is going to give an awesome performance as Jeanine.  I can feel it in my bones!  I saw a picture of her when she was on set, and she looked like a total Jeanine.  What do you think of the casting?

I don’t think “Divergent” is rated yet…

But mark your calendars, people!

Here’s the trailer… I think it’s pretty cool:

I think there are other trailers out, too, but you can find them on YouTube!


Catching Fire movie

Catching Fire

As we all know, “Catching Fire” is based on Suzanne Collins’ book, Catching Fire, the second book in her amazing Hunger Games trilogy.

“Catching Fire” will be released on November 22, 2013.  I actually just recently saw “The Hunger Games” in July (I know!  I’m late!) and it was incredible and so real!  You can find my review for the movie here.

“Catching Fire” is rated PG-13, as was “The Hunger Games” because, if you didn’t know, this series is pretty violent and graphic.

I’m allowed to be excited for this movie because it’s coming out so soon, haha!

And now, for the trailer…

Oh, what fun!  Not that I’d want to participate in the Hunger Games or live in Tris’ dystopian Chicago… *shakes head vigorously* Nope, not for me!  I don’t do well in stress!  XD

So those are the movies I’m looking forward to.  Am I missing any?

Oh!  Have you heard anything about a City of Ashes movie?  According to IMDb, it’s in progress.  This is so exciting!!!



Let me know your thoughts!

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