Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

Chapter 20

Draco and Pansy went to do their own separate things: Pansy attended dinner with Narcissa and Lucius while Draco and Hermione skipped dinner.

Draco sat in his study, looking over some notes.  He rubbed his forehead tiredly after a few hours.  He would leave for the Ministry tomorrow for the Apparation License to Albania.  He figured it would be safe to pick his son up from King’s Cross Station.  Draco had waited because he didn’t fancy a run-in with Ron Weasley picking his kid up.

Draco stood from his chair and put his coat on.  He walked into the entrance hall to see Hermione scanning the bookshelves.  She would, Draco thought.

“What are you doing?”  Hermione turned around, startled.  “Oh… Just looking for something to read.  Anything, really.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without reading a book.”  Draco laughed.

“What are you doing?” asked Hermione.

“I have to pick up my son from King’s Cross.”  Hermione fixed Draco with a stern look.  “It’s already very late!  I can’t believe you’re only leaving now!  You should’ve gotten him earlier.  Why didn’t you?”

“I don’t think your husband would be too keen on meeting me.  I bet he’s already got his suspicions,” Draco said flatly.

Hermione looked down.  She just realized how close she would’ve been to her family, if Draco went earlier to pick up Scorpius, and she asked to go with him.  But Draco was smarter than that.

“Right,” said Hermione finally.

“Well…” Draco said awkwardly.  He never felt awkward.  Awkwardness was for the foolish, the cowardly, and the people who were beneath him.  He squished the thoughts that his father had put into his mind at a young age and shook his head.  “I’m off.”  He strolled to the large oak doors and paused.  “You might find The Folk Tales of Our Ancestors rather interesting.  I enjoyed the story on page twenty-four as a child.  My son does, too.”  With that, Draco left, leaving Hermione staring after him in bewilderment.


“Pansy, how did Draco come to meet Ms. Renigold?” asked Lucius slowly, sipping from his glass.

“Uh, well… I’m not quite straight on the story.  I, myself, just met her,” Pansy said uncomfortably.

“She is very interesting, Lucius,” began Narcissa.  “She was raised in France until she was almost twelve years old.  Then she moved here and spent her second through seventh years at Hogwarts.”  Pansy kept her eyes on her food as Lucius continued to speak.  Pansy began to suspect Lucius getting suspicious of Hermione.

“May I be excused?”  Pansy left the table without an answer.  She stood in the dining hall doorway when she heard Lucius say, “I did a check on that Ms. Renigold, Cissy.  There is no Charice Renigold in England.  Either she is scamming our family, or Draco is up to something.”

A/N: Here I am, with yet another late chapter.  >.<  Oh, well. 

DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?!  Today is the release date of House of Hades!!!  AHHH!!!  Are y’all excited?  I know I am!  I can’t wait to receive my copy.  Have an awesome day, and for those of you who got HoH, YAY!!! 


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