TV Fashion

Hello, guys!

Recently, I’ve noticed some pretty nice outfits that characters in some TV shows I watch have been wearing.  I also noticed an uncanny similarity between two dresses from two different soaps, too.  Let’s talk a little about that!

IMG_1654[1]I created this image using one of those collage apps on my iPod when I noticed that Avery’s dress (left) looked similar to Connie Falconeri’s dress (right).  So I went to YouTube and took these pictures and realized, oh snap!  They’re the same dress–in different colors!

Avery is from “The Young and the Restless” and Connie (she recently died) is from “General Hospital.”

I found it pretty funny that I noticed they were wearing the same dress.  I think it was that gold neckline that was the tipoff.



The next outfit I wanted to talk about is Kiki Corinthos’ (“General Hospital”) outfit:

IMG_1660[1]I thought this outfit was kind of cute!  Kiki always wears nice outfits (except for that wedding reception dress she wore–it looked terrible on her!  And she can’t dance XD).

Sorry about her funny position–I was taking these pictures from YouTube and in this particular episode, she was freaking out, wringing her wrists, flailing her arms… Heheh…





And now, for this!

Olivia Pope trench coatI thought this jacket was SO awesome!  This is Olivia Pope from “Scandal.”  Don’t you love that?!  I love it.  Simply amazing!

I checked it out and it turns out it’s a Burberry trench coat.  Ooh la la!

But seriously, it’s nice.  I’m usually not one for fancy dressing, but daaaang!

That’s all for now!  Ooh, have you been watching “Nashville?”  I forgot to blog about it, but it’s pretty good, so far!  Rayna’s up and runnin’!



Let me know your thoughts!

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