Hundreds of Earphones

Hey, guys!

Here’s another story–again, something that happened to me, like “The Grand Keypad Story”–called “Hundreds of Earphones.”

I got my iPod Touch for Christmas a few years ago.  You probably know it comes with the charger and a pair of Apple earphones.

We also got a new vacuum a few days later.

One day, I was charging my iPod.  It was sitting on the table and the earphones were plugged into my iPod and hanging off the table, onto the floor.

Our new vacuum kind of drives itself, to make vacuuming easier, right?  Well, the vacuum was on and it was near the earphones.  It drove onto the earphones–only thirteen days after (yes, I counted!) I received my iPod!  Well… This is the result:


So, um… Yeah.  Those are my Apple earphones.  Thirteen days after I got them.  *Shakes head*  So sad…

Anyway!  After that, I began to get more earphones!  I was getting really cheap ones, and the occasional brand-name pair like my Skullcandy earphones:


My Skullcandy pair didn’t last too long, so I was disappointed.

Or my Sony earphones, my first pair with the volume control and the speaker:


As you can see, one of the earphones on my Sony pair is maimed!  It was run over by a scooter, heheh… But!  These lasted for a very long time, and they weren’t too expensive, either.  I was very satisfied with the product.

I ended up accumulating a whole collection of earphones!  Look!


These are all the earphones I’ve collected since… the beginning of 2012!  My Apple earphones are in another bag.

So, what is the moral of this lesson?  Keep your earphones off the floor and away from self-driven vacuum cleaners!

I hope you enjoyed that!  I’m not too mad about the earphones anymore.  😀


P.S. I have an interesting story about my experience with the House of Hades.  I’m not yet finished with it, but… well, let’s just say disappointment hits hard!  And no, I’m not disappointed with Rick Riordan’s story, The House of Hades.  In fact, I’m in love with it, so far!  I’m disappointed with the actual physical book.  All will be revealed in my review!



Let me know your thoughts!

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