Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

A/N: I am so late with this!

OMG!  I’m so… UGH!!!  I don’t think this chapter was ever published!  I found it in my drafts and I was like, “Uh… what?”  I am so terribly sorry that I’m late with this!  It was supposed to be published ten days ago.

Chapter 22

When Pansy and Hermione got into the entrance hall, they saw nothing too disturbing.  Other than the fact that Narcissa was squeezing a little blonde boy to death.  Hermione let out a breath of relief.

Draco looked at the boy sympathetically.  “Look what you’ve done, Mother.  You’ve frightened Pansy and G-Charice.”

“What was that, Draco?” asked Lucius suspiciously, gracefully walking down the staircase.


“Who did your mother worry?  You said Pansy and… If I didn’t know better, I could’ve sworn you were about to say something other than ‘Charice’.”  Hermione paled.

“She worried Pansy and Charice,” Draco said, ignoring his father’s other remark.  “You remember her, don’t you?  Or are you older than I realized?”  Lucius narrowed his eyes at his son but scowled and looked away.

Narcissa finally released the boy, who was her grandson.

“Scorpius,” said Draco crisply, beckoning his son to him.  He rested his hand on Scorpius’ shoulder.  “You remember Ms. Parkinson?  I work with her.  This is an acquaintance of mine from France, Charice Renigold.”

“‘S a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Renigold,” Scorpius mumbled.  Hermione opened her mouth to reply when Lucius interrupted.

“Say that again, and clearly this time, for Merlin’s sake, boy.  You are greeting your elder, not a House-elf,” commanded Lucius with an even deeper scowl.

“Father,” said Draco through gritted teeth.  “I am his father, and therefore I will tell him what to do.  I think I’m capable of disciplining my own son.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” Scorpius said, enunciating his words.  He glanced at Lucius nervously but then back at his own father.  “Why did you wait so long to pick me up?  The Weasley girl–Rose–got picked up before me.”  Hermione battled herself to keep her mouth shut.

“I had some other–I was very busy, Scorpius,” Draco said.  “Anyway, just because I have taken you out of school doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing your education.  My friend, Ms. Renigold, is going to tutor you.”

“W-What?” Hermione stuttered in shock.  Draco looked down at his son’s confused face and sighed.  “Never mind.  We’ll talk more tomorrow.  Why don’t you write a letter to your mother.  Or, have the House-elf make you di–”

“Why don’t I make Scorpius dinner?” Hermione said hurriedly.  “I’d like to get to know him.  Y’know.  So tutoring him won’t be so awkward.”  Draco glared at Hermione but nodded in agreement.  “Fine.  Show Charice to the kitchen, Scorpius.”


“So, Scorpius.  How did you enjoy the first few months of Hogwarts?” asked Hermione.  Scorpius didn’t answer for a moment.  “They were horrible.”

Hermione raised her eyebrows at him, not expecting that answer.  “Why?  Why were they horrible?”

“They just were, all right?”  Hermione nodded, having received that answer from Rose for several reasons.  Scorpius led Hermione into the kitchen.  Scorpius sat at an oak table and, strangely, the kitchen reminded her of her kitchen at home.

“What would you like?” asked Hermione gently.

“Doesn’t matter,” mumbled Scorpius.  Hermione was surprised, expecting a loud, spoiled, and demanding child.

“Yes, but Scorpius, it’s your dinner,” Hermione pointed out.

“Make whatever you want to make,” repeated Scorpius irritably.  Hermione sighed and opened a cabinet.  She found a bag of noodles and figured that would have to suffice.  Hermione put some water on the stove and turned it on, sticking the noodles in the pot.

“So… Tell me about yourself,” she said, trying to break the ice.  Hermione opened the refrigerator and found some lettuce, but when she saw the expiration date, she recoiled.  She then found some stale bread but made that better with a wave of her wand.

“Of course my dad hasn’t talked about me,” Scorpius said, his tone disappointed.  But, he sounded like he didn’t expect any more than that and that he was used to it.

“Well… Your dad’s been very busy,” Hermione said, surprising herself by defending Draco.  “He’s… He’s helping someone.”

“Couldn’t he just give it a break?” Scorpius snapped.

“W-What do you mean?” Hermione asked, confused.  Scorpius shook his head.  “Never mind.”  Hermione watched him for a moment but sighed, taking bread out of the refrigerator.

Soon, Hermione was serving Scorpius spaghetti with garlic bread, one of her kids’ favorites.  She made some of her mother’s infamous ice cream, which was now in the freezer.  Scorpius took a reluctant bite of his spaghetti.  He glanced up at Hermione in awe and quickly scarfed the rest down.  He then ate his bread and drank his water.

“Would you like some dessert?” asked Hermione gently.

“I suppose…”  Hermione smiled and took the ice cream out of the freezer, serving it in a fresh bowl to Scorpius.  Then, he spoke.

“He’s always away, helping other people,” Scorpius said in a low voice.  “I just wish he’d take a small break from that and find time to help me.”  He ate his ice cream.

As Hermione watched him, she saw both Draco and his son in a new light.  Draco Malfoy was helping other people?  True, Hermione didn’t know what Draco did for a living.  But him help people?  And why were his son’s first few months at Hogwarts horrible?

“Excuse me?”  Hermione snapped out of her daze.  “What did you say?”

“I said that I’m finished!”  Scorpius froze.  “Uh… Could you not tell anyone I talked to you like that?  I’m always supposed to, um, pay my elders respect and that stuff… It’s my grandfather who likes to shove all these rules down my throat.  I didn’t mean it, honest!”

Hermione hid a small smile.  “It’s all right,” she said.  “Can I tell you a secret?”  Scorpius nodded, almost eagerly.

Hermione leaned forward.  “I don’t think your grandfather likes me too much.”  She grinned at Scorpius and both broke out in laughter.

She seems good with children.  Unlike myself, Draco thought from the hall.

He had witnessed the whole thing.


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