Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The hunger games catching fire movie reviewTitle: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Summary: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem. -IMDb


AHHH!!!  Catching Fire is here, and lemme tell ya, this movie was so amazing, so close to the book, so intense, and a huge improvement from the last movie!  Not that THG wasn’t good, ’cause y’all know I loved that one.  Read my Hunger Games movie review here.

Obviously, I saw Catching Fire in the theaters, because it’s not out on DVD yet… right?  I got to see it the day after, which was pretty cool.  It’s the closest I’ve been to seeing something on its release date.

So we get to the theater on November 23 and we went to a morning showing and… one of the showings was already sold out!  So my friend and I rushed to buy our tickets.  And yes, I bought the Coke from the theater.  Last time I went to the movies, I was being cheap and got a large Coke from McDonald’s and smuggled it in.  Heheheh…

We walked into the theater and it was so packed!  The last time I was at the theater (back in August to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), I was the first person in there, so it was pretty odd to walk into a crowded theater, if you know what I mean.  We were able to find two seats way in back and I spilled some Coke >.<  But!  Luckily, because we were all the way in back, I got to take notes on my iPod without worrying about disturbing other people in the theater with the backlight.

We arrived about half an hour before the movie was due to start, and the commercials ran for forever!  The Divergent trailer ran and it was great!  There were a few things that I didn’t like about it, and I’m still not sold on Shailene and Theo, but hopefully they’ll be great!

The movie started twenty-two minutes after it was supposed to, which was kind of annoying, but seriously?  It was worth the (long) wait.

I couldn’t remember anything from Catching Fire, but as I watched the movie, information came back to me.

So, in the beginning, we saw that Katniss had PTSD.  She was out hunting with Gale and when she shot the turkey, she saw one of the tributes from the 74th Hunger Games.  She was freaked.

Haymitch was SO funny when Katniss went to wake him up.  It was just like I’d imagined it, and so was the Victors’ Village, come to think of it.

I love all of the actors in this movie.  They were great and their acting was so real.  When Primrose was like, “We have visitors,” she sounded so alarmed, and she made me feel alarmed.

President Snow was creepy as ever, maybe even more so in this movie.

Katniss’ speech in District 11 was so sad.  I was tearing up and it was just… So sad.  And I was like, “You go, dude!” when Peeta put down his card that Effie had given him.

Okay, the Peace Keepers raiding 12?  THAT WAS SO SCARY!  And Gale’s whipping!  That was crazy.  And when Haymitch stepped in, I felt relieved, man.  That Peace Keeper dude was scary!!!

At the reaping, when Effie was calling out Katniss’ name, she seemed so grim and hesitant and sad.  Just… the look on her face.  She seriously looked like she was going to cry.

Joanna… Let’s talk about Joanna.

I LOVED JOANNA, DUDES!!!  My only minor complaint is that I imagined her to be blonde for some reason.  Was that just my imagination, or was her hair color specified in the book?  Anyway, she was hilarious.  When she was undressing in the elevator, everyone in the theater was just cracking up.  The look Katniss gave Peeta was priceless.  And her F-bomb filled interview… BWAHAHA!!!

Joanna looked crazy when Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta found them after the blood rain.

After all the tributes’ interviews when they all joined hands, we all caught a glimpse of the real Caesar Flickerman, when he was frantically gesturing for the crew to cut.

I think I seriously froze when I saw Rue painted on the floor when Katniss went in for her evaluation.  And when Katniss painted Senca Crane’s name on the dummy… haha.  And her bow?  Even funnier.

Cinna’s death was so scary, and Katniss had to watch and she was just trapped in that tube-y thingy…

I loved the innocence and purity of President Snow’s granddaughter.  I think I vaguely remember her from the book…

Did you notice how the patterns on their suits when they were in the arena were like the pattern of the dome force field?  Like hexagons fitted together.

I really liked Mags and was sad that she didn’t play more of a part in the movie.  Her death was quick, final, sad.

Throughout the whole movie I was clutching my bag for dear life and mentally chanting, “Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing.  What do we do?  We breathe, breathe.”  No joke.  The movie was very breathtaking.

Just one question: Why did Peeta have a necklace with pictures of Katniss’ family in it?

At the end of the movie, at the very end, Katniss looked so mad.  It was scary.

This movie is a 5/5 star film.  It was fantastic and scarily realistic, and was very, very close to the book.  I look forward to Mockingjay (I think they’re splitting that movie into two parts) next year!

THG charries


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