Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story

Chapter 24

Hermione was in a dark room.  She looked around, a useless action, but it was instinctive.  She heard low voices, angry voices.  Familiar voices.  To whom did the voices belong to?  Finally, she could rule out Ron’s voice.  After a few seconds, she found Rose and Hugo’s voices, as well. 

A bright light shone, practically blinding Hermione.  Then, she saw some red.  A lot of red.  No, it was more of a ginger…

“HOW COULD YOU?” someone screamed.  A migraine was quickly forming as the stress grew and the screaming continued.


“Wh-What?” stuttered Hermione.

“Don’t you play dumb!  How could you leave us for Malfoy?” someone spat. 

“Ron…”  She tried to crawl over to him but he took a step back.

“We looked for you!  And now look what you’ve turned our children into!” Ron shouted, revealing two children whose eyes were red and puffy from crying.  Their pallor was pale and they looked painfully thin.  “I’ve had to admit them to St. Mungo’s.”

“St. Mungo’s?” whispered Hermione worriedly.  “Wha–“

“They were so upset from losing you that they went mad.”  Ron’s voice went from rocky to smooth. 


“AND YOU CAUSED ALL OF THIS!  If you hadn’t been thick enough to go off with Parkinson, this never would have happened!” Ron screamed.  Hermione was sobbing now.  “Please…”

Hermione was sobbing now.  “Please, Ron, please listen to me…”

“You have more family who wants to talk with you!” hissed Ron.

Hermione caught a glimpse of her entire family, including her extended family.  That was a lot of red hair.  The dream faded.  Now, she was in the same room that was lighted with candles.  It was very dim.  She saw three people standing in a row.  Ron, Rose, and Hugo.  They looked calm and cool.

“Father, she’s awake,” said a cold voice.  It came from Rose’s mouth. 

“Good.”  Ron stepped to Hermione.  “So you finally came back.  I was worried that we wouldn’t get to deliver our message.”  Hermione frowned, the dream turning more out of control than it already was, like most of her nightmares these days.  “What message?” she asked.  “Can’t we just go home?”

“What do you mean, Mudblood?” spat Ron.  “You don’t belong in this family.  You’re just Hermione Granger who couldn’t give a rat’s arse about your family.”

“That’s not true!” shouted Hermione.

“It doesn’t matter!” said Rose.  “We don’t need you!”

“We don’t need you!” said Hugo.

“We don’t need you!” said Rose.

“We don’t need you!” they said in unison.

“We don’t need you!”

“We don’t need you!”

“We don’t need you!”

This rang through Hermione’s ears.


Hermione’s eyes flew open.  She was shaking, but not because she was cold.  She stood up shakily and took a very hot shower.  Her family would not think those things about her, would they?  No, of course not.  She just had family on the brain.  That was all.  She quickly got dressed and looked at her watch.  It read 7:56.  She opened her bedroom door and saw a note taped on it.  She peeled the note off of the door and read.


When you read this, I will either be in the Ministry getting my Apparation ticket or I will already be in Albania.

It seems like you are good with children.  I am glad.  Scorpius’ lessons start tomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp.  His Hogwarts books are in his study and McGonagall sent me his lesson plan which is in the top right drawer of his desk.

Tell Pansy not to do anything rash until I return.  By then, I should have sorted out this Unbreakable Vow out.  Also, refrain yourself from getting into a situation when you are alone with either of my parents.

Draco Malfoy

Hermione frowned at the letter but put it in her pocket.  She walked down the hall and knocked on her door.

“What?” Pansy snapped.

“Um, I was told to tell you-”

“Not to do anything rash, yeah, I get it,” said Pansy.  Hermione could not help but notice that Pansy was very moody.

“Er… are you-”

“I am fine!” shouted Pansy.  She slammed her door.  Hermione shrugged and walked down the stairs.

“Good morning, Ms. Renigold,” he said politely.  Hermione did not answer him.

“Ms. Renigold?”  Hermione still did not answer.  “MS. RENIGOLD!”  Hermione jumped.  Lucius was around the corner and quickly walked to his grandson and scolded him.  “Do not yell at our guests, boy!  Apologize immediately!”

“Sorry,” said Scorpius.  Hermione shook her head.  “No, no, that was completely my fault.  I spaced out.”

“Yes, well,” said Lucius.  The three stood awkwardly in silence.  “What are you still doing here, boy?” barked Lucius.  “Go on.  I’d like to have a chat with Ms. Renigold.”  He turned coldly to Hermione, who forced a smile on her face.  “If you would kindly follow me to my office.”

As Hermione followed Lucius down the long corridor, she thought, I’ve gotten myself into the exact situation Malfoy warned me not to get into.

Lucius led Hermione into a large library.  The two stood at the door.

“Sit down,” said Lucius smoothly.

“Er-Alright,” she said, fumbling for the right words.  She sat on a comfortable chair that reminded Hermione of a chair she had in her bedroom as a child.  “Um… Is there anything I can do for you?”

Lucius sat across from her.  “I wasn’t going to come right out and ask you–my wife didn’t want me to come off as rude–but there is something you can do for me.  Or rather, tell me.”  He sipped the tea that the House-elf brought in.  He did not speak.  Hermione cleared her throat.  “What is it?”

Lucius’ pale gray eyes pierced Hermione’s brown ones.  She looked away.

“My, my, you do seem familiar,” he said.  Hermione froze.  Did he know?  “What,” said Lucius, “is my son up to?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” stammered Hermione.

Lies,” hissed Lucius sounding uncannily familiar.  Hermione leapt out of her chair.  Lucius looked taken aback at his sudden outburst.

“Er… sorry, Ms. Renigold.  I do not know what came over me,” he said.  “All I want to know is… well, have a look.  My people are either correct, or they’ve done a horrible inspection.”  He handed Hermione a thick folder.  “Have a look at this example folder.  That is how thick a standard folder containing background information on a person is,” he said as Hermione flipped through.  But at the word ‘background,’ she flinched.

“Now, now, Ms. Renigold, I just want you to look at this folder,” Lucius said, sliding a very thin folder into Hermione’s hands.  She opened it and saw a single paper.  It was blank.  Hermione flipped it over.  She then raised her eyebrows at Lucius.

“Exactly.  This is your file.  Empty.  Nothing.  No records of your existance,” said Lucius.  Hermione panicked.

“Granger, I-” said Pansy, running into the library.  There she saw Hermione staring wide-eyed at her and Lucius narrowing his eyes at both of them.

“Well, well, well.  It looks like I’ve found you out.”


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