Music, Books. Books, Music. Busic.

Hey, guys!  As you could probably gather from the title, this post is about books and music!

Recently I heard a song that could probably perfectly describe a book I read a little while ago.  I liked the book, but there was something unknown that I didn’t like about it… causing me make the book my first ever one-star rating.  Yikes!

The book I’m talking about is Coda (Coda, #1) by Emma Trevayne.  Coda is a dystopian book about a boy who lives in a world where the government uses music to have control over its citizens (if I remember correctly).  The music is like a drug, though, and that’s an element I found very interesting because in a way, I think music is like a drug.  It’s addictive and I probably–no, definitely–couldn’t go a day without it.

This book was actually featured in my Book Sacrifice Tag, which is a very fun book tag popular among the BookTube community.  You can also read my Coda review here.

The song I’m talking about is called “Rock and Roll Thugs” by Icon For Hire, which is featured on their new album, “Icon For Hire.”  I LOVE Icon For Hire and they’re one of my favorite bands.  When I heard their song “Rock and Roll Thugs,” I was so shocked at how it could totally apply to Coda.  

Anyway.  I’m going to attempt to insert a video for this song in this post…

Okay… I think it’s there… I don’t know.

This song is absolutely amazing, so check it out!

Also, I just watched the music video for “Let Me Go” by Avril Lavigne, featuring the one and only Chad Kroeger.  Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  WHAT?!  Husband and wife, doin’ a song together.  Oh, yeah.  Did I mention they’re two of my favorite singers?  I’ve been listening to Avril Lavigne for a long, long, long, long, long time.  I have her CD, “Let Go,” (I actually know where it is!) which was her debut album.  That came out, like, in 2002 or something!

Chad Kroeger, if you didn’t know, is the frontman for the awesome Canadian band, Nickelback, another one of my favorite bands.

Put them together and you get wowza!  I really did like “Let Me Go” and the music video was awesomesauce.  I’ll try to insert that here…

Really beautiful.  Definitely listen!

That’s all for now!  If you’ve read Coda, do you think “Rock and Roll Thugs” describes it?  Are you an Icon For Hire fan?  Do you like Nickelback and/or Avril Lavigne?  Let me know!



Let me know your thoughts!

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