Reread-athon: Day 1 – 12/16/13

Hey, guys!  Welcome to the Winter Break Challenge, or Reread-athon!  Eeep!  I’m super excited!

So, Reread-athon started today!  I was so excited to start rereading my books.  Unfortunately, my plans to have no other books on the calendar didn’t work out exactly the way I’d wanted because… well… There were, um, some books at the library that I couldn’t resist and, uh… I got them?

Heheh, yeah…

Anyway!  The first book I’ve chosen for Reread-athon is Dead Is The New Black (Dead Is, #1) by Marlene Perez.  This is a series of eight books and it’s actually one of the first YA books I’ve read.  It’s also one of the first books I looked for at the library when we rekindled our love (that is, the library and myself!).

Oh.  My gods.  No flipping way.  GOODREADS SAYS THAT ANOTHER BOOK IN THIS SERIES WAS RELEASED IN SEPTEMBER!!!  WHY AM I ONLY HEARING ABOUT THIS NOW?!?  And guess who just ordered it from the library?  This fangirl!  WAHOO!!!

Wow, this just gets me even more pumped.

Back to the book I’m supposed to be talking about!  It’s a fantasy series and they’re smaller than what I usually read.  Dead Is The New Black actually has only 190 pages, but I really enjoyed it the first time around.

I read to page 62 today, but I’m probably going to read some more in a while. 🙂  I’m SO excited for Dead Is Just A Dream (Dead Is, #8).

So, this was my day one update.  After this book I’ll probably pick up something from my vast Lauren Myracle collection.  Haha, want to know what one of my bookish goals is?  To own all of Myracle’s books.  So far I own eight, I think.  Why?  ‘Cause she’s awesomesauce!

Are you participating in Reread-athon?  Let me know!



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