Reread-athon: Day 3 – 12/18/13

Hey, guys!  Welcome to Reread-athon: Day 3!

So, I had to make a difficult decision today: Lauren Myracle or the Kronos Chronicles?  Well, I ended up going with… the Kronos Chronicles.  Why?  I shall tell you.

The Kronos Chronicles is a trilogy, but I only own the last two books in the trilogy.  I was in the children’s section of the library a couple of weeks ago and saw this on the shelf… I think I literally squealed.  I really wanted to reread this book, but I won’t have it forever, whereas with my Lauren Myracle books, I own them all.  So, yeah.

Anywho!  The first book in this trilogy is The Cabinet of Wonders.  I absolutely adored this series!  I have a review for the last book, The Jewel of the Kalderash, which you can find… nowhere?  Huh.  That’s weird… I totally thought I reviewed this book…

Okay, so apparently, I reviewed The Jewel of the Kalderash on Goodreads, but I never posted an actual review over here.  I’ll get on that!

Anyway, I’ve known about this series for more than four years.  Right now, I’m on page 44.  Immediately when I started reading, I was taken back to the time when I was reading this book.  It was just crazy.

I love the characters and the plot–everything’s just fantastic!  I remember, when I first read this, I was writing “Rutkoski” so many times that I ended up learning how to spell it!  (Marie Rutkoski wrote this series, one of my favorite authors :D)

Anyway, that was my short little update!  I’m going to head on over and put up my review for The Jewel of the Kalderash.



Let me know your thoughts!

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