Reread-athon: Day 4 – 12/19/13

Welcome to Reread-athon: Day 4!  What’s up, m’friends?  I’m totally chillin’ to EMINEM’s new album 😀

Anyway!  I’m still reading The Cabinet of Wonders.  I’m not even going to try to rush through this because I’m loving how much I’m remembering things, and not only things that went on in the book, but things that were going on in my life way back when.  Good times!

Soooo… Six days till Christmas, huh?  Crazy!  I’m so excited!

Wow.  This is going to be a pathetically short update!  Haha!  I’ll just update y’all on some other stuff…

UpdateYes, I’m for real XD

  • I’ve found yet another new show!  It’s called “Without A Trace,” a show I’ve heard of but have never actually watched.  I was only able to watch about fifteen minutes of the episode, but I can’t wait to find this series.  They probably have it on DVD, right?
  • I’m totally falling behind with The Indigo Spell!  I’ve got quite a few books to read from the library, and then I have Reread-athon.  *sigh*  Anywho.  I’m loving the book and I just love this whole series.  (I just saw the cover for the last book and I think it might be the best cover of the whole series.)
  • DIVERGENT CLIP.  GO WATCH THIS NOW!!!  I just saw it yesterday and totally forgot to mention it!  It’s awesome.  Shailene is kind of growing on me… I’m still not feelin’ Theo, though.  I actually don’t know how I pictured him >.<  I think I’ll have to reread the series in order to figure that out.  Though, I’m still mentally unable to reread anything from that series.  It’s… too soon.  And it’s been nearly two months.  Nice.
  • I found an awesome radio station that plays the music I like!  FINALLY!  I thought that it was hopeless and BA-BAM!  It was insta-love with the station.  Here’s how we met: I was scrolling though the stations on my old iPod Nano when I heard one station playing “Savior” by Rise Against.  I was so incredibly shocked that that song–one of my favorites, by the way–was played on the radio.  Since then, I’ve been introduced to so many other artists (I’d heard of a lot of them but I never really listened to their music) –Nirvana, Blink-182, The Red Hot Chili Peppers–so that was really fun!

I suppose that’s all for now!  Tell me what you think of the Divergent clip!



Let me know your thoughts!

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