Book Review: Sent (The Missing, #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

SentTitle: Sent

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Summary: Jonah and Chip have barely adjusted to the discovery that they are actually the missing children of history when a time purist named JB sends them, along with Katherine and Alex, hurtling back in time to 1483. JB promises that if they can fix history, they can all return to their present-day lives. Now Chip and Alex have to reclaim their true identities—as the king and prince of England. But things get complicated when the four discover that according to the records, the princes were murdered. How can they fix history if it means that Chip and Alex will die? -Goodreads



**Warning: Spoilers!**

I started this book a little while back, but I’d only gotten about 100 pages in before returning it to the library (it was overdue).  I hadn’t gotten a chance to check it back out, but before Christmas I took a trip to a friend’s library and I was able to get this book!

I really enjoyed Found, the first book in this series.  I love books about time travel, though I haven’t read very many.

This review is hardly substantial, but I’ll do my best to make it as full as possible!

Sent had a slow start, but it picked up after a while and was quite interesting.

I found the characters to be fairly relatable.  Jonah’s (the main character) doom, gloom, and panic thoughts were so amusing.  What a pessimist.

I LOVED Katherine!  She was such a strong, stubborn character.  She’s also Jonah’s sister, and I think her “relationship” with Chip was so cute!  ^.^

Whenever I thought of Chip, I was instantly reminded of Leo (Heroes of Olympus) for some reason…

JB, the “cute janitor?”  TOTALLY ANNOYING!  UGH.  And, he’s not even a janitor, so… yeah.

There were many times where I felt confused, like I was constantly missing something.

Favorite Lines:

“There’s kind of… bad blood between the two sides.  It’s like our father’s family thinks our mother’s family is greedy and ambitious and, I don’t know, kind of lower class and tacky.”

“But they’re not!” Alex interrupted.

“No, no, of course not!” Chip said.  “On our grandmother’s side, they’ve got royal blood dating back to Charlemagne!”

I was extremely proud to be able to identify Charlemagne!  I’d actually been reading about him the exact same day I read this quote, so that was pretty cool 😀

The cliffhanger made me want to run back to the library to get Sabotaged, the third book in the series… which I, uh, did.  Heheh.

This book deserves a 4.75/5 stars.  I think I would have enjoyed this better if I’d read it all at once, but it was before Christmas, so things were busy.  I probably would have also had more notes and more to share with you, as my notes for this book didn’t even fill up a page (I still had 14 more lines on my paper, plus some margins that could have definitely been filled with scrumptious info).  Oh, well.  I’m really psyched to read Sabotaged and hope to enjoy it!


Let me know your thoughts!

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