Cornelia Funke Book Signing!

Cornelia FunkeThis post should have been up a long time ago, but I was too lazy to take the dang pictures!  I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but never actually posted about it until now.  So, here it is, folks!  My Cornelia Funke book signing post!


Sometime in October of last year, I went to a Cornelia Funke book signing where she talked about her new app, Mirrorworld, which is actually an app for her series, Mirrorworld.  I’d picked up the first book in the series a few years ago, but put it down again.  After this, however, she’s inspired me to pick it back up.

Ms. Funke had fabulous writing advice, and she read us a passage from her book Reckless, I believe it was.  I adore her accent!  There were so many people, and there was also a Q & A.

She talked about the movie “Inkheart,” and openly spoke about her disliking of it.  I think a lot of people were unhappy with the movie adaptation.  Apparently, there was a movie made out of her other book, The Thief Lord, which I loved.  I hadn’t known there was a movie out until she mentioned it, but I don’t think I’m going to watch it… Not after “Inkheart”…

At the event, there were posters and bookmarks available before it even started.  SO many people had snagged posters and bookmarks, and I’d gotten there just in time to get myself some, as well.  Phew!

I brought both my camera and my iPod so I could take pictures and videos, but guess what electronics both ran out of memory?  Yeah.  My camera and my iPod.  And then my camera started acting weird and had a message running across the screen that says, “Memory card is write protected.”  Whatever that means.  And it’s still on my camera, so I can’t take pictures on it until I figure that out.

It was so exciting to meet her and hear her talk about her writing experiences and give out advice.  She signed my copy of Inkheart, which was incredible:

IMG_2134[1]Ms. Funke’s signature is down there at the bottom, and above her signature are two Mirrorworld bookmarks which I’ve kept stored in Inkheart for months for safekeeping!

And now, for the posters:




Ta-da!  If you can see that little white light at the top of the first and third pictures, it’s because I used my laptop as a paperweight because they’ve been rolled up for so long on top of my “bookshelves.”  But aren’t they so totally awesome?!

This was so fun to attend, and I really hope I can go to another author event, soon!



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