Hey, guys!  What’s up?  I hope your weekends were awesome 😀

This is just a quickie update post.  Hope you enjoy! First, I’d just like to point out for the twenty-seventh time that I’m doing a horrible job at keeping a schedule for Dramansy!  Ugh!!!  Things are getting busy, and my Internet access (for fun stuff) during the day is pretty limited… Grr… I’m trying to get better, though!  I’ll post another update soon!

Recently, as you know if you’ve read my #askthefangirl post, I’ve been really into the manga series Fruits Basket!  It’s SO great!  It was recommended to me, and the person who recommended it also lent me the Fruits Basket DVDs, which are amazing.  I’ve only read the first graphic novel (I’m reading Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout right now.  Geez, I’m flying through that series…), but I’m somewhere in the tenth episode of the TV series, I think.  Shigure is hysterically funny, and Yuki is… just… *sigh* Yuki is awesomeness.  Pure awesomeness:

fruits basket
Yuki as a rat.

Here’s Yuki in human form:

Shall we call him by his nickname? *Prince* Yuki? Bwahahaha!!!

Shigure and Kyo:


Shigure… You’re so funny!
Meet Kyo. Dude needs to chill.

And, of course, Tohru is great.  She’s the main character.  And she has the bestest friends EVAH.

I might join a reading challenge!  Of course, I’ve joined the 2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge, with a goal of 115 books.  I’ve read nine books so far!  But there are so many other challenges out there that I’ve been curious about, and they look fun.  I was inspired by Lillian’s post!

My iPod is breaking D:  Five days after Christmas (great timing, right?), the on/off button on the top of my iPod touch ceased to function.  It’s very annoying, y’all.  Maybe it’s time for a new device… Any recommendations?

Lastly, my reviews are piling up again.  I really don’t want this to become a habit, so I hope to catch up on them soon.

That’s all for now!




Let me know your thoughts!

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