Book Review: The Book of Love (The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers, #2) by Lynn Weingarten

The book of loveTitle: The Book of Love

Author: Lynn Weingarten

Summary: The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers has given Lucy everything she thought she wanted. Gone is the poor, innocent girl pining away for a guy who didn’t deserve her and in her place is a fierce, fabulous Heartbreaker with glamorous sisters, an unbreakable heart, and access to magic.

The only problem is this: Lucy’s floppy-haired, blues-playing best friend Tristan is in pain. And she’s powerless to help him.

Or is she?

It’s time for the annual Heartbreaker competition — a chance for Lucy and her sisters to win The Book of Love, an ancient tome containing centuries’ worth of Heartbreaker wisdom, and maybe, just maybe, enough magic to fix Tristan’s heart for good.

Lucy will do whatever it takes; if it helps her fix her friend, she knows it’s worth it. At least she thinks she knows.

As Lucy goes deeper into the world of the sisterhood, she learns that even those closest to her have unimaginable secrets, and when it comes to magic, nothing comes without a price… -Goodreads



**Warning: Spoilers!**

I read The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers a little while ago.  I think I only gave it three stars, and I remember that I didn’t really like the author’s writing style.  I wasn’t particularly fond of the main character, Lucy, either.  She annoyed me most of the time in the first book.

Anyway, I saw the sequel, The Book of Love, on display at the library and was drawn to it.  So, I checked it out!

Let me tell you, this book was a HUGE improvement from the last one!  Too bad they did a cover change… I wonder if this was intended to be two books from the beginning…

We had some character development for Lucy, which was great.  I really liked her more in this book when she wasn’t pining over some dude who cheated on her.

Lucy seemed like she was really unsure about being a Heartbreaker.  Throughout the book, she was constantly wondering whether she’d made the right decision, and as the book progressed, she began to realize that she didn’t like being a Heartbreaker, and I’m glad she slowly came to that conclusion.  The way the author wrote Lucy’s thinking process about being a Heartbreaker helped the readers slowly realize that being a Heartbreaker wasn’t as great as we thought.

In the beginning, I liked Gil.  She kind of reminded me of Alice from Twilight.  It was probably the hair, heheh.  And her kind personality.  But, that kind personality vanishes toward the end, and I really was surprised because I hadn’t expected Gil to change.  I hadn’t realized that Gil was being selfish.  In fact, all of the girls were selfish: She was part of a group of girls who broke hearts on purpose to gain things they wanted.  They hurt people and pretended there was something spiritual about it.  But they weren’t trying to help anyone but themselves.

Tristan was so adorable!  And Lucy broke his heart in the last book >.<  Tristan kept his feelings on the inside and dealt with this the way he dealt with everything–by joking, by smiling, by trying to make sure everyone else was having fun.

When Lucy and Tristan kissed, I was like GOODNESS GRIEF!  ARE THEY GOING TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER?!?!  Has Lucy changed her mind?!  But then… she just… left.  OMG.

Okay, I hated that Alex dude, Lucy’s ex who she was mooning over in the last book.  Actually, she was pretty much obsessed with him: She’d reread every text message he’d ever sent her, and then she’d looked up the weather where he was in Colorado just to try and feel closer to him.  When she saw that there was a tornado warning that day she’d felt worried for him but was also weirdly relieved, because this gave her a good excuse to call him again.  Somehow at the time it hadn’t occurred to her how wrong it was that she felt like she needed an “excuse” to call her own boyfriend.

One thing I will always have a problem with about this book is the fact that Lucy’s parents didn’t seem like they were there for her.  They didn’t seem like they had her back, y’know?  Her parents didn’t seem like solid people in Lucy’s life.  They were so wrapped up in their own drama, always saying, “We’re getting a divorce” but never doing it.  (They did get a divorce in the end, after years of games, telling their kid over and over, “We’re getting divorced.”)

I loved the part when Lucy helped her schoolmates, Jessica and Jason, get together.  That was sweet ^.^

I was really scared when Lucy was going to break Colin’s heart, but she did it.  She really did it.  I thought she was going to chicken out, or that something was going to interrupt her, but nope.  DX And when Lucy told Colin to make a wish, he wished that Lucy would be okay.  Aww…

So, at the end, Lucy was able to convince Olivia, the ringleader, to leave the Heartbreakers.  That’s huge!  And together, they escaped the horrid group.  I was SO happy!  AND LUCY AND TRISTAN DID GET TOGETHER!!!

Fangirl moment
Because I’m SO excited that Lucy and Tristan got together 😀

Favorite Lines:

(This line is from the invitation to Jack’s party in the beginning of the book :D):

*It’s already been tested, so we promise you won’t go blind.**


Sometimes it isn’t about choosing between right and wrong–it’s about choosing between bad and worse.

4.5/5 stars!  This book was fantastic and enjoyable.  I don’t know if the author is going to make this a trilogy or what.  I mean, maybe it has the potential to become one… Or she could write a spinoff.  Because I think reading about someone else’s journey about being sucked into this Heartbreakers group would be interesting…


Let me know your thoughts!

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