Remodeling the Blog!

Hey, everyone!

If you’re reading this post, you’ve definitely already noticed that there’s been a major change to the blog.


I changed the theme.

I haven’t changed my theme in who knows how long.  When I first started my blog, I played around with a lot of themes before selecting the Motion theme, which I’d had for a while.  And it was great!  But, at the beginning of this year, I wanted to change my theme.

I hadn’t gone through the themes until today, which was great, though I was afraid I wouldn’t find the perfect theme.  I tried out one theme but didn’t like it, and went back to see if there was anything else, when I found this theme—I LOVE IT!!!  It’s great!  J’adore.

So, for today, my blog will be undergoing a few more changes.  But I really hope y’all like this!  The content will still be the same—book reviews, fanfics, randomness.  Y’know 😀



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