Random Sunday Post: Divergent Stuff

Today while at the store, I drifted over to the magazine section (as usual) and noticed something so amazingly awesome that I couldn’t not buy it.  So… I did.  😀

And this is what it was:

The Sexy Stars of Divergent

Yessss!  I got this magazine that’s ALL about Divergent.  It’s so incredible!  Tris looks so determined in this photo haha!  There was so much information in here about the cast, and everything.


Today has been fangirl-eriffic.  I’m going to read this magazine a lot.

So here’s all my Divergent merch so far:

My Divergent shirt and magazine

So that was my day!  Reading my awesomesauce magazine and admiring every aspect of it.  Hopefully I can finish The Catcher in the Rye today, which I’ve been reading for a while now.  What was your day like?  Did you do anything fun (like fangirl over a magazine?  :D)?  Reading anything good?  Let me know!




4 thoughts on “Random Sunday Post: Divergent Stuff

  1. The guy playing Four is just perfect! I’m a little concerned about this movie though…have you noticed there are all kinds of shots showing Four waaaaayyyyyy up high? I keep thinking That had BETTER be his fear landscape!


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