eReader Apps and Apple Frustration

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with ereader apps.  I don’t usually read ebooks, though I have.  In fact, I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, via PDF in iBooks.  I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with iBooks.  Sometimes I have the app on my iPod, and then I’ll delete it, and then I’ll re-install it, and then I’ll delete it again.

But I’ve just felt the need to have lots and lots of books, especially since I haven’t gone to the library in two weeks (a record for me.  I’ve not missed my weekly trip since I started back in 2012).  Of course, it’s not like I don’t already have stacks of books that are waiting to be cracked open.  Right now I’m reading Teardrop by Lauren Kate (I was going to read The Diviners, but it’s in a box with a million other books.  I was leaving the house and wanted to grab a book, but didn’t have the time to search for The Diviners.)

Anyway, I’ve been going crazy downloading ebooks.  Of course, they’re all free, because I’m cheap, haha!  Right now, the ereader apps I have on my iPod are Kindle, Pocket Fiction (this is a fanfiction ereader—definitely check it out if you’re into fanfiction!) and iBooks.  I also tried out Readmill, but that didn’t work out.  My most recent download is Kobo.

I was doing some ereader research when I found out about Kobo.  The reason I was doing this research is because the iBooks Store is so incredibly slow!  Maybe it’s because my iPod touch isn’t a new, shiny fifth generation with iOS 7, I don’t know.  But it’s like walking on glass: When scrolling through the iBooks Store, I have to scroll  v e r y  s l o w l y  or else the app crashes.  I have the same problem with the App Store.  While trying to download the Kobo app, the App Store would keep crashing.  I tried downloading the app after that again but nothing happened.  So waited two hours before trying to re-download, and it worked fine.  But, seriously.  TWO HOURS?  Why can’t Apple do anything about this?  Are they subtly urging me to get a new Apple product (especially because my iPod’s buttons no longer function)?  I also tried installing the app with my laptop, though it never installed.  Though, that could just be me.  I’ve never been good navigating around the endless iTunes maze!

The iBook Store does, however, have an excellent free books selection—the only problem is the app keeps crashing!  Ugh!

So, I wanted to try out Kobo, and I think it’s a great app.  It looks very simple, yet it’s got some cool features, as well: It gives you your reading stats and notifications, and even awards (though that part doesn’t really matter to me).  Here’s a screenshot of my Kobo app:

I think it looks very sleek!

Where it says My Recent Reads, you can scroll through your library side to side to view the books stored.  The downloads for the books were so, incredibly fast.  I downloaded about six books at the same time, and I swear, it took less than two minutes before all the books I got were downloaded.  I was very impressed.

The downside is, they don’t have a very good distinguished section for their free ebooks like the iBook Store does, which is really too bad, because that would have made this the most ideal ereader app for me.  Le sigh.

As for the Kindle app, I don’t think I’ve actually taken the time to view Amazon’s ebook selection, though I’m sure they must have a lot to choose from.

Do you use an ereader app?  Do you have any preferences?  Know of any good free ebooks?  😀


*I was not contacted by any of the companies mentioned above to write a review of their products.


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