200+ Followers!/Updates Post

Hey, everyone!  A couple of weeks ago, I hit 200 followers!!!  That’s so amazing!  Thank you, readers and fellow bloggers, for reading my posts.  Thank you for every single like, comment, and follow—each one is greatly appreciated, and I love responding to your comments 😀  I love hearing your thoughts!  And even if you’re not a follower, thanks for reading!  Y’all are awesome 😀

When I went to see Divergent, I really wanted to save my ticket.  Because I was handling a huge cup of Coke and bucket of popcorn, I decided I’d put my ticket in the pocket of my jeans for safekeeping rather than in my bag (that was dumb -.-).  Well, when I put up my Divergent movie review, I realized that I’d never pulled the ticket out of my pocket.  So I frantically dug through my bag to see if the ticket was in there, but no such luck.  Then I found the jeans I’d worn to the movie when I realized that… I’d washed them.  With the ticket.  In my pocket.  So I pulled the pockets out and discovered a bunch of white stuff in one pocket.  I was so upset.

Which is why on Saturday, I went to see Divergent again.  No, I’m not crazy.  Just an extreme fangirl 😀

Because I went to a later showing (when I first saw Divergent, I went at around 10 a.m.), the theater was more packed than it was last week.  I was actually kind of surprised to see what looked like young children at this movie.  I saw some pretty young kids seeing TMI last summer, and I was like, whaaaat?  But, yeah.

**Divergent spoilers down below if you’ve not read the book or seen the movie!**

Anyway, there was this guy sitting behind me who was amusing me at first/getting on my nerves.  When Caleb switched factions, the guy was all, “Ohh!  Oh, no!  Ohh, that’s not good.”  And throughout the movie, he was making remarks like this, and stuff similar to that.  At first, I thought it was funny, because obviously he hadn’t read the book.  But for the entire movie.  It was just putting me on edge for some reason.

**End of Divergent spoilers** IMG_2288[1]Meet my Kindle, Mr. Kindle (I call it a Kind-lee).  I finally got him a case and a screen saver from Amazon.  It actually was delivered really, really fast.  Like, a day after I ordered it, which pleased me to no end.  The only thing that bugged me is the screen saver.  You know how there are two tabs to peel, the one you peel before application and the one you peel after application?  Well, for the after application tab, I tried to peel it, but it didn’t come off cleanly, leaving adhesive with the potential to collect dirt and hair and stuff >.<  I tried scrubbing off the adhesive, but no such luck.  To prevent it from collecting yucky stuff, I just put a piece of tape over it.  Luckily it’s in the corner and not smack dab in the center of the screen or something.

Right now, I’m reading The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken and Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder (y’all will never believe how long I’ve been reading this.  It’ll knock your socks off.)  The Darkest Minds is really good so far.  I read the first 134 pages in one sitting, at night, which is awesome.  I’m now somewhere in the two hundreds with this book, and I’m lovin’ it.  Half of me LOVES Liam, but the other half is wondering if there will be more character development for him.

My new favorite songs at the moment are:

I don’t know why.  I’m just super obsessed with these songs.

Oh!  Another thing—what do you think of this:

Yeah. You’re staring at a boom box.
Do you SEE that thing?!

We’ve had this thing for such a long time.  I’d actually forgotten about it, and when I pulled it out, I was like, OMG.

It’s not mine, but it used to belong to a family member.  Unfortunately, it’s broken (it broke years ago.  It’s so old, I found an old Paula Abdul CASSETTE in it.  I’m not even kidding), so we threw it out.  But, it was like taking a dip into the past before everyone had iPods and mp3 players and stuff.

Actually, I probably prefer the time when people listened to music with their CD players and with cassettes.  Don’t get me wrong—I love iPods, but I think it’d be cool to go back to that time.  What’s your opinion?

Speaking of iPods, a few days ago, my apps started crashing consistently.  I’d open YouTube, and a few minutes later, it would crash.  Or, I’d open the WordPress app, and a few seconds later, it would crash.  Pandora crashes whenever I try to skip a song, and the Goodreads app crashes so much, too.  It’s still happening.  Any suggestions?  Or is my iPod just dying?

That’s all for now!!!  Oh!  I’m almost done rereading the first ebook I ever read, which shall be revealed soon.



10 thoughts on “200+ Followers!/Updates Post

  1. Congratulations on the 200+ followers! I’ve been wanting to read The Darkest Minds! I’m excited to see what you think about it. 🙂


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