Nashville: Crazy

Hey, y’all!  Today we are going to talk about Nashville, the ABC TV show that I am in love with.  Yesterday night, I watched season 2, episode 19, Crazy, which you can find here if you have yet to watch it.

OKAY!  LET’S BEGIN!  This will be very spoilery, so watch out!  (WordPress is being weird, so if the formatting is off, sorry!)

So, in the last episode, Rayna’s daughter Maddie posted a video with her singing a song she wrote with Deacon, because she was mad at her dad, Teddy.  And she used Deacon’s last name (’cause she’s really his daughter).  And that video blew up, man.  And then Rayna’s boyfriend, whose name I can’t remember, got all weird because he didn’t know that Deacon and Rayna had a kid together… cray…


And then we’re introduced to Scarlett’s crazy mom, Deacon’s sister.  O. M. G. THAT WOMAN.  She’s like Juliette’s mom, except she might be worse.  What do you think, if you watch the show?  Is Beverly like Jolene?  And I was so scared for Scarlett because she kept taking her pills, and then Scarlett asked Juliette for the night off, and I was like, “Something’s going to happen to Scarlett during tonight’s performance.  And then this happened:


And the end of the episode was like… just, wow.  I was so scared for Scarlett D:

And those flashbacks from Scarlett’s childhood were so scary.  I’m starting to wonder how Deacon and Beverly grew up… Hmm…

So Juliette went to see Charlie Wentworth, that guy she was with in the beginning of this season, to ask him for help.  But she’s with Avery (the actor who played him actually played Elizabeth’s husband Lucky in General Hospital), and Charlie Wentworth kissed Juliette and I’m like, “Nooooo, don’t break up Javery!!!”

juliette two

OMG so Megan cheated on Deacon with Teddy, right?  That was crazy.  Anyway, we didn’t see her in this episode, and we also didn’t see Will and Layla… I really don’t like Layla.  She’s just annoying.  Love Will, though!  He’s awesome.  I wish he would come out.  I thought Gunnar was totally going to tell that Jeff guy about Will being gay, but I think Jeff has pretty much already figured it out.

Anyway!  That’s all!  I just needed to get that out of my system, haha!  Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Nashville: Crazy

  1. Ahh! Nashville is pretty much the best ever. I enjoyed reading your recap– I’m getting sooo worried about Scarlett… :\ I understand that she felt betrayed, but I just really really wish she hadn’t completely torn up ties with Zoey. She really really needs a friend!


    1. Thanks! Yeah :\ poor Scarlett! Perhaps Avery will be a shoulder to lean on for her (though, I’m not sure how much Juliette would appreciate that). I definitely want them to delve into Deacon and his sister’s past.

      I don’t know how I feel about Zoey and Gunnar (who I totally forgot to talk about in my mini review, lol) being together. Half of me kind of ships them, but the other half thinks their relationship is kind of forced.


      1. Yea… I don’t really like Gunnar and Zoey together either. I did a little bit at the start but I agree- it seems forced now, especially since Zoey has her own dreams she wants to follow and I feel like he is going to end up holding her back. By the way- him having all that money? I think he is going to end up in trouble spending wayyyy too much of it.
        And yes- I agree about Deacon and his sister’s past! I may have forgotten, but I don’t think they have really discussed the history of Deacon’s alcoholism and I wonder if it stems from his childhood home. Fingers crossed that they will go into it!


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