A Random Thought About Books

This is a thought that popped into my head a few seconds ago.  It almost slipped out of my mind, but I’m glad it didn’t because I think it’s a really cool idea to think about.  Before I go on to that, though, here’s something else I thought of, something that will probably never be answered: Who was the first person to actually purchase Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and read it?

Alright!  Now that I’ve got that question off my chest, let’s move on to the real reason why I’m writing this post.

What if all of the worlds in books existed?  Like in a timeline?  Does this make sense?  For example, I think the Divergent world would come before the The Hunger Games‘ world, and Harry Potter would come before that.  Percy Jackson would probably be after HP.  The Mortal Instruments would occur before the HP epilogue.  Oh, and The Infernal Devices would occur after the Hogwarts founders created Hogwarts, I believe.

But am I making sense?  Okay, so Camp Half-Blood is located in New York, right?  Well, the New York Institute is in… der, New York.  So, what if The Titan’s Curse was happening around the same time as City of Bones?  So, Percy Jackson was kicking monster butt at the same time Clary was finding out about the Shadowhunters.  WOULDN’T THAT BE SO AMAZING?

And let’s pretend that Vampire Academy is based around the same time it was published, since I don’t know what year it was based in.  So, VA was published in 2007.  Picture Percy Jackson fighting monsters, Clary fighting with the Shadowhunters, and Rose being awesome—all at the same time.  Kewl, right?

So this is what I’ve been thinking about.  I was so excited to blog about it, only when I pulled up a blank page, I had no idea how to put these thoughts into words.

We’re not too sure about when Divergent and The Hunger Games were set, but I have a feeling that THG is farther off into the future than Divergent.

Isn’t this interesting to think about?  Let’s pretend that Twilight and The Lightning Thief happened simultaneously.  AMAHZING.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say!  What do you think of that?

More next time!


15 thoughts on “A Random Thought About Books

  1. I’m sure you already thought of this: but this only accounts for the mainstream (particularly YA-driven) novels of recent. There are so many cross-crossing avenues you could consider for this to be plausible — but I’m definitely not going to rule this out!

    Yet considering the potential interwoven timelines of the novels listed above, it kind of sucks for the people living in it to have to continually endure potentially unfortunate and physically/mentally taxing environments over and over again. Not to say that I wouldn’t enjoy it (considering I listed in one of my posts that I’d want to be part of the Hunger Games LOL…)

    Either way, definitely some food for thought!



    1. After reading your comments, I wonder about the psychological and cultural transformation that would occur if successive generations were repeatedly subjected to the physically and mentally taxing environments you mentioned. Would the effect be similar to the evolution of a species? Hmmm…

      If I participated in the Hunger Games, I’d be dead in two seconds!


      1. It kind of sucks as well if dynamic characters who overcame trials and tribulations and was all like: “oh yay, we defeated XYZ!” …and then two days later another post-apocalyptic event is underway and somehow everyone is back to being static characters with faults and the need to challenge themselves again. LOL.


  2. This is really interesting! These poor people, going from one extreme to the other, haha. I would really love to see your timeline. 🙂


  3. Ah, this is such an awesome idea 😀 Thinking of books occurring at the same time is kind of crazy! All the evil people doing their evil things at the same time would be pretty horrible, haha.
    And about your question … WOAH. But the person who was the first person to read HP wouldn’t even KNOW that they were the first person, which is kind of sad. 😦


    1. I know! There would probably be more evil villains than we could count! Now I’m imagining our dear protagonists meeting each other (assuming their chaos is happening at the same time as another character’s chaos, lol).

      I know!!! Too bad it wasn’t documented or something. That would have been cool.


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