So, apparently I posted the My Sunday post a little too soon, because later that night I did something rather unusual.  Well, for myself, at least.

I baked!  Muffins, to be exact 😀

Here’s the thing—I never bake.  Or cook, for that matter.  It’s not that I don’t like to, it just doesn’t happen.  I want to get into cooking, though.  I think it would be cool to eat one of my creations, heheh.

Anyway, I made blueberry muffins, which was pretty fun!  I didn’t do it from scratch, but that’s my goal one day.  I also didn’t exactly have all of the proper tools I needed (like an, ahem, can opener for the blueberries).  So I just, y’know, skipped the whole blueberry step.  The muffins still tasted good, though!

Here are the before and after shots of my muffins:

At this point, they already smelled great. And they hadn’t even been cooked yet.
Yum! I now wish I had some frosting for them.
They were good!  Now, only two more of these muffins exist in my home, lol.  We ate them pretty fast.  I was actually going to make some of those big muffins, but I couldn’t find those cupcake paper thingies that fit the big muffin tin.  So I stuck with the small.  I was really tempted to make those really tiny cupcakes, because I saw a tin for them at the store and I was like, “How cute!”  Haha.

Anywho.  That was my first baking experience in a long time.  But I’m excited to do this again.  I’m also excited to try out some of Bella’s recipes, because they all look so good…

That’s all for now!



7 thoughts on “Muffins

  1. I always thought all store bought blueberry muffin mix’ had those dried blueberries mixed in (which doesn’t seem very evident in that picture?) But anyhow, I’m jealous that your abode probably smells delicious!


    1. Haha, nope! They were in a separate can, and the instructions told me to strain them. Well, first of all, I don’t have a strainer either lol. Second, I didn’t have a can opener. So unprepared, heheh. My house did smell awesome afterward!


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