The Similarities Between Alchemists, Crisis Managers, Vampires, and Presidents

Well.  That’s an interesting title for a post.

While reading The Fiery Heart, I was surprised by the parallels I drew between the main character, Sydney Sage, and the main character of the popular ABC show Scandal, Olivia Pope.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed the similarities between them until then.

Upon finishing The Fiery Heart, I thought about the characters more and realized that not only were there similarities between Sydney and Olivia, but between the main male character in TFH, Adrian Ivashkov, and the main male character in Scandal, President Fitzgerald Grant.  I nearly shrieked when I noticed the many similarities.

**Warning: Spoilers for The Fiery Heart and Scandal!**

(This is one of the most frustrating posts I’ve tried to write.  My laptop thought it would be cute to continuously go black and come back to life a few minutes later.  Also, Safari was giving me trouble, though that might have been courtesy of my laptop, too.)

Let’s start with Sydney and Olivia.  They both keep people’s secrets.  Sydney keeps the vampires’ secrets, and Olivia keeps her clients’ secrets.  They also clean up many messes.  For Olivia, it’s a tad easier, considering she has her team, but for Sydney, she pretty much carries that burden on her own.  They’re both extremely responsible, though they gradually grow more and more reckless (something pretty uncharacteristic for both women)—which eventually gets them both into trouble.

They both seem to have extremely stressful lives, what with all those secrets and messes waiting to be cleaned.

Sydney and Olivia also have very powerful and scary fathers.  They both think they’re helping their daughters, but in reality, they’re thirsty for power, controlling, and very threatening.  To quote Liv’s father, “And to be clear, I am the hell and the high water.”  He said this to her after learning about her scandalous affair with Mr. President, and to fix things, he wanted to send Liv away.  Something similar happened to Sydney, whose father found out about her affair with Monsieur Vampire.  He did end up catching her and taking her to have her brain washed or something.  However, Liv’s dad didn’t succeed until one of these more recent episodes (I couldn’t believe the president’s kid died).

Adrian and Fitz both had scary fathers, too.  I loathed both of them to the max.  One of the similarities that draws all of these people together is their forbidden romances.  Alchemists are supposed to detest vampires, whether they are Moroi (the good ones) or Strigoi (the bad ones).  And, well, it’s pretty obvious an affair with Fitz would be frowned upon, considering he’s, y’know, the president.

Other similarities between Adrian and Fitz are that during one point of their forbidden relationships, they both had disposable phones, which they used to contact Sydney and Olivia, respectively.  They also both kept telling their partners about how they’d one day run away and be together freely.

The two men also consume an excessive amount of alcohol, though Sydney seemed to have successfully dragged Adrian off that road (dunno what’s going to happen with Adrian now that Sydney’s gone).

After realizing all of this, I was like, mind=blown.  Lol.  But, seriously, it’s interesting to think about all of this.  I love parallels 😀

Are you both Bloodlines and Scandal fans?  Can you think of any similarities I missed?


2 thoughts on “The Similarities Between Alchemists, Crisis Managers, Vampires, and Presidents

  1. I LOVE the title, as a matter of fact! I’m afraid I didn’t read this post after the warning because I’ve neither read the book nor seen the show and spoilers ruin my life, but I bet the post was awesome (as usual!). 😉


    1. Thank you! I thought the title was amusing after I’d typed it 😀 Spoilers ruin my life, too, and I’d hate to have anyone spoiled on my account, so I always make sure to put warnings!


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