Mortal Instruments Monday, Week 1: How You Came Across the Cassandra Clare Novels and How They Influenced You

TMIHey everyone!  This is so exciting, I’m just going to get straight to the point!  So the last book from The Mortal Instruments series, City of Heavenly Fire, is being released frighteningly soon—May 27th (*fangirl screams*).  Geez.  Did you preorder or are you going to buy it from a store?  I preordered from Amazon sometime in January.  It was a thrilling experience, pressing that button XD (Amazon, you better get that book to me fast… *threatening voice*)

Mortal Instruments Monday is something like a mini-series feature that will help us fangirls and fanboys of these Cassandra Clare books prepare for the release of the series finale.  This was created by Blaze over at Shadowhunters’ Library.  You can find her original post here, which explains everything a little more 🙂

Anyway, every Monday in May, there will be a new theme for Mortal Instruments Monday.  This Monday’s theme is how we discovered the books and how they influenced us.  Let’s get started!

My Mortal Instruments Story:

The Mortal Instruments was recommended to me by a friend, more than once.  It was actually during a time when I didn’t value book recommendations as much as I do now.  I was a blogger back then, however, I wasn’t a book blogger.  I think it was around the time I was merging into book blogging (started the merge in February 2013, finished City of Bones on March 28, 2013.  Thank you, Goodreads.),  which is why you don’t see any reviews for the first few TMI books on my blog.

Did I read this series before it became popular…?  I’m not sure… That would be so cool if I did, though 😀  I read it before I found out about the movie, but I think the movie expanded the books’ fan base so much, which is so awesome!  I remember that once at this independent bookstore I go to, I was wondering why I couldn’t find ANY Cassie Clare books on display around the time the movie dropped.  I was really confused, because they literally had no Cassandra Clare books, whatsoever >.<

Anyway, my friend recommended them to me, because back then, I wasn’t very familiar with mainstream YA, because I would just go to the library and pick up a random book from the shelf, like, BA-BAM, instantly in love with the book.

The way she explained the books to me made them sound kind of weird (weird is good!)—but do you actually know someone who can explain books right?  The way people explained THG to me made me want to read those even less.  That just taught me that I needed to read the books for myself and form my own opinions 🙂  So, I ordered the first book from The Mortal InstrumentsCity of Bones,  from my library.

And OMG.  That book.  I started reading it slowly (not because it wasn’t interesting, but because it was a totally different world and I wanted to really make sure I sucked up everything), but I just got so into it, that I finished most of it in a day!  My friend saw me the next day and said something along the lines of, “Well, that was fast,” when she saw that I was nearly finished with the book.

As I’m writing this, I’m remembering so many things from the book.  I enjoyed City of Bones so much, giving it a 4 star rating.  I’m not sure why I only gave it 4 stars, but oh well.

(**Edit: I actually had CoB notes, but they were lacking… so I didn’t post it, lol.)

How Cassandra Clare’s Books Influenced Me:

This is a hard one… After reading City of Bones, I started City of Ashes.  My friend also recommended the prequel series to me, The Infernal Devices, which is so… incredible.  I love that series.  So I read that, too.  I remember saying in my Clockwork Princess review that I was read CP at the same time of reading City of Glass.  So my reading order is a little weird… so what?  XD

I think City of Bones was one of my first (memorable) introductions to paranormal books.  I also remember becoming an official Cassandra Clare fan after finishing CP.  I was hooked.  End.  Of.  Discussion.

I’ve also been obsessed with YA books based in England a long time ago, like Gideon the Cutpurse (that’s actually middle grade, but it’s awesome :D).  TID further expanded that obsession.

Not really sure if I’m doing a good job of explaining how they’ve influenced me, but I know they have!

Anywho.  That’s this week’s Mortal Instruments Monday!  That was so much fun to do, and I’m so excited for next Monday 😀


2 thoughts on “Mortal Instruments Monday, Week 1: How You Came Across the Cassandra Clare Novels and How They Influenced You

  1. Haha, I’m excited that you’re excited! 😉 Dirty little secret: I haven’t actually read the Mortal Instruments series, even though people keep on shoving it in my face. 😛 I’m just really not that into long series, but if it’s that great I might have to pick it up and try it one of these days!


    1. Thank you! 😀

      You should definitely try them out! I, on the contrary, love a good long series, lol. I know people have mixed feelings for the books, but there are many who enjoy them 🙂 If you ever get around to reading them, I hope you enjoy!


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