Bookshelves and Technology

Humans and bloggy people!  I have news!  😀  I finally got a bookshelf!  Hoorah!

I was so excited to assemble this thing.  SO.  EXCITED.  It was hard work.  But I did it.  Of course, using a handheld screwdriver, my hands h.u.r.t. so badly, but I think it was totally worth it 😀  It took a long time (and eventually, I went to the library and to the grocery store to give my hands a break XD), but I absolutely adore it.

This is the finished result ^.^  It was crazy arranging my books on a shelf, since they’ve pretty much been anywhere other than a shelf since leaving the store.  My very first shelfie XD  (Does a shelfie have to include myself in the photo as well…?  I’m not very educated in the art of selfies/shelfies.)

So, the top shelf has random trinkets and such, since I don’t want it toppling over and am not able to mount my new piece of furniture to the wall.  I tried to put more books on the bottom to stabilize it, but most of my heavier books are books I’d like to see on a regular basis -.-

On my second shelf, we have my wonderful J.K. Rowling collection, a few books I’ll be reading during the Bout of Books 10, and some other library books.  I also have a random Rubik’s cube, lol.  Remember those?  I also have my HP magazine cut outs, which I made back when it was a full-blown obsession.  Not that there’s anything wrong with obsessing over your favorite books 😀  I also have a deck of Harry Potter cards (which have never been used—just admired by myself and a few of my other HP fan friends).  Funny thing is, I don’t really like change, so the cards have never gotten shuffled or anything.  As in, they’re in the exact same order I got them in… *awkward*

Next shelf!  We have my favorite books that will always be cherished, a part of my collection that really got me back into reading for fun.  I have my large Lauren Myracle collection, and some other middle grade/YA authors whom I love.  I also have, yes, a High School Musical book.  You will never believe how many times I reread that, just because it was slightly larger than the other books I owned.  Good times!  I also have my (reluctantly small) Rick Riordan collection and my incomplete THG collection D:

In the corner of the third shelf, I have the very pen which I used to take notes on The House of Hades… woooow.  I think my plan was to use the same pen to write my notes for The Blood of Olympus… Weird thoughts.

On the next shelf, I have my Veronica Roth collection, as well as two Divergent magazines.  I have my Bloodlines and Vampire Academy there, too, and some Cassandra Clare in there!

At the very bottom is a mixture of my older childhood books and books that I haven’t read yet.  I’d put them in a more desirable location, but, like I said, I want my shelf to stay grounded.

IT WAS SO EXCITING!  I had to stop myself from rearranging the books when I hadn’t even finished putting all the books on there.  Le sigh.

That’s all about books!  Now for my random thoughts on technology 😀

I got a new phone today, which was fun.  A tiny bit more advanced than my last one.  I know touch screens are all the rage for phones, but I have yet to own one.  Oh well!

I also wanted to show y’all this:

DSCN1343Okay, so the laptop on the left is my current laptop, a Toshiba.  The laptop to the right… well, funny story.  It’s one of Toshiba’s “laptops” from 1995 that my mom purchased for $1,300.  Yes.  No joke.  And the thing’s heavy.  It even used a floppy disk!  LOL, we had those lying around somewhere in the house for a while.  I used to love using that thing for solitaire and minesweeper and for typing like this: lsdkfjs dkfjsdkfj sdkfj kdsfjisfjksdfj seirdfdkd 254672 6686561861787.  It was the bee’s knees when I was a kid XD  Anyway, my current laptop was only $300.  So, you could say that Toshiba has evolved in technology and prices!

Do you own any pieces of old technology?  Do they still work?

Anywho, that’s all 😀  Good luck to those who are participating in the Bout of Books 10!  I hope you meet your goals!


10 thoughts on “Bookshelves and Technology

  1. I still have an original Nintendo Gameboy that works. Used to have massive fights with my brothers over who got to use it. XD


  2. I bought a bookcase recently too- It’s such a relief! Although I hate my books being in anything other than alphabetical order! XD


  3. OMG, I am still yet to get a book shelf, mine are still in drawers. I can’t wait to have the “I finally got a new book shelf” Feeling !!! (but i think I’m getting a shelf above my bed when we renovate the house) (hopefully i don’t wake up with a black eye in the morning from fallen books ) 😮
    Lucky you !!


    1. You keep your books in drawers, too? Haha, I thought I was the only one! XD

      The new bookshelf feeling is extraordinary 😀 It’ll be exciting when you get a shelf. You’ll want to drop everything to put all your books on it.


  4. You did a great job on the bookshelf. It looks well organized. You will get a lot of use out of it and since you put it together with your own little hands, that makes this project priceless.


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