Top Ten Tuesday — Top Ten Books About Friendship

Top ten tuesdayHey, guys 😀  It’s been a while since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday, but I really liked this week’s theme and hope that I have a little something to contribute.  You’ve probably heard me talk about a few of these books/authors before, but they’re amazing, so I highly recommend you check them out!  Hopefully I can come up with ten…

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Let’s go!

HP1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, a series I’ve seen on many others’ lists.  Don’t think I wasn’t going to jump on that train, either!  But, of course, it isn’t without reason that they’re included.  There are such great, inspiring, and lasting friendships in these books.  I think JKR remarkably depicts the ups and downs of friendships.  The characters had their highs and lows, but they stuck together till the very end.

tpo2. Thirteen Plus One by Lauren Myracle, the conclusion to a series I’d beg Lauren Myracle to continue.  A lot of LM’s books are really centered around friendship.  Yes, there is romance, but that’s not what the novel revolves around.  I love the relationship Winnie (center), Dinah (right), and Cinnamon (left) have with each other.

Kristy's great idea3. Kristy’s Great Idea by Ann M. Martin, the first book in The Baby-Sitters Club series, a series I adored when I was younger.  If you’ve not read these books, they’re about a group of girls who run a baby sitting “agency” and hold meetings during when parents can call and schedule for a sitter to go to their home and watch their kids.  Another series that shows the girls’ highs and lows, and I just thought it was so realistic.  I also loved the (spinoff?) series, The Baby-Sitter’s Little Sister.  Great books 🙂

Fruits basket dkf4. Fruits Basket, Volume 1 by Natsuki Takaya, is another great series about friendship.  I haven’t read all of them, but I watched the TV series and it was the most adorable show ever.  It was fluffy, but also had a darker side.  I loved Tohru’s friendship with her friends, Hana and Arisa.  And with the boys, of course, Kyo and Yuki ^.^

The secret keeper5. The Secret Keeper by Elizabeth Carroll, was the first book that made me teary.  I read it on May 15, 2013 (a year and five days ago!!!), and I remember a lot about this book, surprisingly.  I don’t remember the characters’ names (I think the main character was named Wil or something like that), but I remember the main character’s friendship with his best friend clearly.  I thought this book was beautiful.  It was different for me, because I don’t think I’d read a book like this back then.

The alchemyst6. The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, is the first book in a very clever series.  I only read the first two books, because I thought the books were a bit too long and a lot could have been cut out, but it was a really unique idea.  Basically, it was a bunch of different mythologies thrown together, and I have a soft side for mythology ;D  Thank that evil author we’re always frustrated about yet love anyway (I’m talking about you, Rick Riordan!  *points accusatively*).  Friendship-wise, I loved the relationship twins Sophie and Josh had.  They were so protective of one another, and I wish we could see more of these kinds of friendships between siblings in books.

The thief lord7. The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke, a brilliant, brilliant novel.  Have I ever mentioned Cornelia Funke’s awesomeness?  Well, I’m mentioning it now.  This author is incredible, and though the book to movie adaptations of her books didn’t go so well (she even said so herself!), I love her books.  I was first introduced to her Inkworld series in school, where one of my friends had the beautiful hardcover editions.  I was also introduced to the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series by the same girl (who always managed to finish her work before us and would pull out one of her glorious hardcover books *sobs* to read until class ended), but I didn’t read any of these books until years later.

I don’t think I can come up with anything else!  I’ve glared at my shelves for a good forty-five minutes, trying to come up with good picks, and I also furiously scrolled through my Goodreads shelves.  SEVEN BOOKS.  From all of the books on my physical shelves and the 285 books on my Goodreads “read” shelf, I came up with seven books.  Only seven.  Only seven books stood out to me for this post about friendship.  Seven.  Se-ven.  I’m trying to figure this out, but I honestly have no idea how that came to be.  That’s kind of amazing, in a horrible way >.<

That’s all for now, though!  What are some of the books you chose for having great friendships in them?  Did anything on my list match anything on your list?  Have I made you uncontrollably curious about the books I listed, so curious that you absolutely must find them?  Haha!  Link me to your TTTs and I’ll be sure to check them out 😀

I’ll talk to you later,


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday — Top Ten Books About Friendship

  1. I love Fruits Basket! I really need to start reading the manga. I’ve only watched the anime, but it’s amazing. The Thief Lord sounds really interesting. I just added it to my to-read shelf on Goodreads. I would have a really hard time finding books on my shelf about friendship too. Great list though! 🙂


    1. Thank you! And Fruits Basket is the cutest thing ever ^.^ The manga was hard to read at times, but only because everything’s all backwards. I got used to it.

      The Thief Lord is one of my favorite books. It was so great, and I definitely need to read more Cornelia Funke! She’s really nice, too (I met her at a signing), so that just makes her books even more awesome 😀


  2. What about the Lord of the Rings trilogy? The friendship between Frodo and Sam was really sweet throughout. Also Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy, which was later expanded into a chronicle of stories, had some of the most interesting ‘friendships’ I have ever read. This is a dark fantasy series so I guess that’s to be expected 🙂 If you haven’t read them I definitely recommend the original Black Jewels trilogy.


      1. Well I started it, LOTR, a long time back and only made it through The Hobbit. Then I resurrected my attempts when the movies started coming out. Its a worth while read filled with all the dark prophesy one might expect of a WWI vet who spent a considerable amount of time in the trenches watching beautiful countryside be ravished by war and its modern technologies.

        You definitely should that trilogy it is YA dark fantasy gold, in my humble opinion 8D


  3. I haven’t read any of these! Argh I really feel ashamed of not reading the HP books. However, I agree that friendship is really good in these books. I really can’t think of many books where a good friendship may be mentioned…


    1. Noooo! I hope you can read some of these books soon, they’re brilliant. This post was harder to write than I had originally thought, hence only listing seven titles. It’s kind of sad, though, because books from the YA genre are geared toward younger people who may or may not be going through issues with their own friends. I think there should be more books about friendships! 😀


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