Crazy Brain

As I write this post at some absurd hour of the morning, I am eating a bagel… I now realize that I tend to write posts at crazy hours of the night/early morning while eating… Huh.

You may have heard that The Mortal Instruments finale, City of Heavenly Fire, comes out in three days.  Three.  Good gods.  I am not emotionally prepared.

If you’d much rather read something CoHF-related and official and not the thoughts running through my crazy brain (as I’m sure you would XD), click here to read an interview Cassandra Clare did with Goodreads recently.  It will not disappoint 😀

The reason I’m here right now is to talk about my excitement, which led to me not thinking things through, which led to major fury on my part.  Here’s what happened:

I received an Amazon gift card on Christmas 2013, which was great!  I had no idea what I wanted, though I knew I wanted books.  After accidentally ordering an e-book copy of World After, which I have yet to read, I wondered what else I could get.

Early January of 2014 is when we were told the cover for CoHF would be revealed on TV—cool, right?  Anyway, I preordered the book before the cover was revealed, I believe, so freaking excited for the awesomeness that would come to us in a few months.

Flash Forward to 5/23/14

Earlier I was thinking about how I preordered CoHF… and I remembered that I probably wouldn’t get the book on May 27th, the day it will be released… and that didn’t please me.  However, last October I ordered The House of Hades from Amazon, and to my surprise, I received it the day after it dropped.  I couldn’t have been happier.

Anyway, I was wondering how long it would take for me to receive CoHF and began to realize that I could have found a better way to handle things.  I could have preordered the e-book version, so I’d have a copy sent right to my Kindle at midnight, and then go to B&N later that day to purchase my own physical copy of the book.  That makes a lot more sense now.

So I checked Amazon to see when the estimated delivery would be, and they said that I should expect to have my copy of this glorious book from May 30th-June 3rd.  Omg.  That means that there is a possibility that I might have to wait an entire week after the book is released before I ever see its magnificent cover.  *tears*  And I just checked the e-book price, and it’s $10.67 or something like that… yeah, no. 

I doubt it’ll take until the third of June before the book actually reaches me, but that’s a scary thought.  I suppose time will tell, though.

How about you?  Did you preorder CoHF or do you plan to pick one up at the store?  (I wish I had waited to preorder a signed copy.  Gahh.)

On a happier, less-scary note, I’m still super excited for the release of City of Heavenly Fire!  I hope online peeps are considerate and don’t post unmarked spoilers, because that would be devastating.  Or I could stay safe and take a while off from the Internet… the sad thing is, I don’t think I could do that >.<

I’m going to head out, now!  Bye!


6 thoughts on “Crazy Brain

  1. I’m always up at really late hours too. Not entirely sure why, but it happens all the time. I guess I’m just a night owl, haha.

    I’ve never understood Amazon preorders. It would make sense for them to ship it out early so people would get their preorders when the book is supposed to come out in stores. I hope you get CoHF on its release date because that would be awful to wait an extra week for it.


    1. I’m a night owl, too! I’m still up since I posted my Crazy Brain post, lol… I should really be asleep xD

      It *would* make sense for Amazon to shop everything out earlier! That’s the perfect solution to all of my problems!


  2. I pre-ordered mine from Barnes and Nobles (: I also chose expedited shipping which is 1-3 business days so hopefully it gets here very fast. I’m so excited omg! And if it doesn’t get here on Tuesday, I’m ordering the ebook version until it gets here


  3. Enjoy your eagerly awaited books! Also, all the Amazon books I have pre-ordered arrived the day the book was released in stores, if a weekday, or the first business day thereafter. So fret not I’m sure it will be in your hands sooner rather than later 🙂


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