I wonder why I enjoy working on posts in the early hours of the morning.  Le sigh.

But hey, everyone!  I’m back after a week-long break from blogging.  It wasn’t a planned break, but I was taking precautions because I didn’t want to be spoiled for City of Heavenly Fire, which I finished about ten minutes ago.  And, oh boy, do I have a lot to talk about!  I have so many notes that I’m dying to share with you guys, and I’m itching to organize them, but my feels are going crazy, I just finished crying (true story), my thoughts are scattered, and I’m pretty tired (sorry an advance for any errors in this post… I’m tired!).  Here’s a page of my notes (just some favorite quotes, though—don’t want to spoil anyone!).


I pretty much stayed away from WordPress and Pinterest, because some people got their CoHF copies early, and I didn’t want to risk being spoiled.  Luckily, I was able to read the book, spoiler-free!  And, may I say that Cassandra Clare never ceases to amaze me?

I was so happy with Amazon, because they actually shipped my copy of CoHF on the 26th of May, and I received it at around 4 o’clock p.m. (4:12 p.m., according to my eager notes) on May 27th, the release date.  I was over the moon excited 😀  I don’t know when I’m going to get the review up (I’m not going to wait five months, though, like I did for Clockwork Princess, because I could barely remember anything >.<), but just know that it’s coming soon!

Something I really missed during my little break was reading all of your blogs!  Looking at my WordPress Reader was a daily thing for me, and I really need to catch up on some posts (and on Pinterest, for that matter!).  I’m excited to go read your blogs and see what you guys have been up to.

That’s all for now!  To those of you who are currently reading CoHF, I hope you’re enjoying it, and to those who have finished, what did you think?  Did you love it?  Because I did 😀


6 thoughts on “Return

  1. There is no greater feeling then finally getting your hands on a book you REALLY want to read. I can remember as a kid setting up a little hideout made of pillows and cushions and then spending hours hiding in there reading.


  2. I purposely didn’t grab a copy because I wanted to finish reading my book jar pick. I should have a copy on Thursday, I think. Looking forward to reading your review!


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