Book Review: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6) by Cassandra Clare — Part II

cohf 2Hey, guys!  I’m back with Part II of my City of Heavenly Fire review.  I was hoping I could squeeze everything I wanted to say into one post, but it was getting really long and I didn’t want to scare you away or anything, lol.  You can find Part I here, and feel free to fangirl/fanboy with me!

*checks notes to see where I left off…*

Okay!  So, the Lightwood family is falling apart.  Izzy blurted out that Robert cheated on Maryse, right in front of Alec, who was already feeling anger towards his father, as he felt that Robert wasn’t accepting him because he was gay.

We’ve all been concerned for the Lightwoods and wondering how the Lightwood family would continue on, since Iz is with a vampire (MORE ON THAT IN A SEC!) and they can’t have kids and Alec eventually gets back with Magnus, so how would that work out?

**Random note about Raphael: I imagined him to be older than “only a little older than Maureen,” who was, what, thirteen?  Uh…

“Clary, I’m not sure you’re well enough to go out like this—” Jocelyn began.

“I’m fine.  Never felt better.”

Jocelyn shook her head, and the sunlight caught the red glints in her hair.  “In other words there’s nothing I can do to stop you.”

“Nope,” Clary said, shoving Heosphoros into her belt.  “Nothing whatsoever.” -p. 225

Let’s talk about this little quote.  One of the things I appreciate about these books is that, despite the fantasy aspect, there have ALWAYS been some sort of parental figures in them, which is really refreshing when reading the YA genre.  Family seems to be a big part of these books, and there are many YA authors who write stories about teenagers, but then brush off the parental figures because it’s “convenient” and it makes it easier for their main characters to run wild.

I really felt, in this scene, that if Jocelyn REALLY thought her kid wasn’t well enough to go out (especially after turning up shortly before looking like a freaking CORPSE), then she should, I don’t know, maybe do a little more to enforce the fact that she’s the parent.  I mean, it seems like Clary’s just running the show and Jocelyn literally does nothing to stop that, even when her kid showed up looking like death!  CLARY IS SIXTEEN living in a world where VAMPIRES and WEREWOLVES exist, and that doesn’t faze Jocelyn.  Clary lives in a world with a brother who is pretty much obsessed with her and wants to get to know her in “every way a person can know each other,” and Jocelyn knows her evil son is capable of a lot, but nope, that don’t faze mamma!  Like, “Yeah, honey, have fun getting blood for Simon with the vampires!  Because there’s ‘nothing I can do to stop you’!”  COME ON.

Take Robert Lightwood and his daughter Isabelle.  Robert literally restrained Izzy, who wanted to go and fight a bloody battle alongside Jace and Clary (who shouldn’t have been there in the first place).  Izzy scratched and clawed at her father, and yet he still didn’t let her walk into a suicidal trap.  *waits*  Now.  Where else do you see that in YA literature?

I mean, writers are so incredibly talented and creative!  They have their entire imagination at their disposal!  Surely with a little bit of thinking, they can find a different way to make the parents in their books actually try to stop their kids like Robert Lightwood.

Ahem.  Sorry for that rant… 😀 (I know, I just took away all of the fun in Clary chillin’ with the vamps… oops?)

JACE MET JEM!  JEM!  JEEEEEEEEMMMMMM!  But it was weird, because he was never referred to as “Jem”—always as “Zachariah.”  I guess it was because only Tessa knew him as Jem…

LOL, I died when Robert pulled out a crucifix in front of Simon, and Simon was all, “Wrong religion.”  GOLDEN.

Occasionally as I read, I wondered when we would see Jocelyn and Luke’s wedding.  I assumed it would be in the epilogue, because I really doubted that either of them would die at this point.  Well, I just didn’t feel strongly that they’d die.

It was really weird to see the gang interacting with Emma Carstairs, a child.  I mean, they all loved Max, but that was different, because Max was Izzy, Alec, and Jace’s brother.

**Deaths So Far: Jordan, Rufus, Meliorn, Maureen, RAPHAEL**  I saw Raphael coming a little when he refused to kill Magnus… yeah…

Chapter 14, “The Sleep of Reason,” might have been the most heartbreaking chapter ever.  It was like the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter.  Right in the feels.

Okay, by page 559, I was really starting to freak out.  Nothing had made me cry at that point, so I was scared for what the ending held.  For one thing, we still didn’t know who Magnus’ father was (though I began to assume it was Asmodeus, since we were hearing a lot about him).  And the theories created by Katytastic and polandbananasBOOKS hadn’t come into play.  Unfortunately, they never did come into play, and Cass Clare did say that Izzy’s eye color wouldn’t have a big plot to it.  However, those were amazing theories that those women came up with.  They were so well-thought-out and detailed.

WHEN WOULD WE MEET TESSA?  I mean, she’d been mentioned a few times throughout the book, but still.

I really loved how Magnus referred to Clary as Luke’s daughter, and even Jocelyn did when Luke found her in her cell, and she was like, “Our daughter?”  Aww ^.^ So sweet!

I think Sebastian is one of the most unique, evil, and unpredictable villains I’ve ever read about.  He probably surpasses ol’ Voldy gone moldy.  This guy seriously has some screws loose:

“You will not say my sister’s name,” he hissed.  “You thought she belonged to you; she belongs to me now, and I will not share.”

I wasn’t expecting Clary to stab Sebastian, and then he turned into Jonathan AND HE HAD GREEN EYES OMG.  And then Jace threw the Cup into the circle, and Amatis recognized Luke for ONE FREAKING SECOND and she dropped dead.  They all justdroppeddeadomg.  There are those tears I was looking for.  I totally cried when Jonathan died.

Let’s talk about Magnus’ daddy, who was, in fact, Asmodeus.  HE FREAKING TOOK SIMON’S MEMORIES OMGOMGOMG.  And he took away Simon’s vampireness…

“Simon,” she said.  “Simon, it’s me.  It’s Clary.”

There was a pause.  When he spoke again he sounded bewildered.  “I—Do we know each other?” -p. 672

I was actually kind of sad when Jace decided to take the Herondale name.  I mean, I was happy, but I semi-hoped that he’d keep the Lightwood name…

When Clary went to see Simon in the epilogue, it was so sad.  And then Izzy saw Simon’s band flyer and he named his band THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS OMGOMGOMG.

So Izzy and Magnus go to talk to him and Magnus tells a poor, confuzzled Simon about the Shadowhunter world and how he could Ascend become a Shadowhunter and MAGNUS GAVE SIMON A FEW MEMORIES BACK AND HE WENT TO THE WEDDING AND HE AND IZZY GOT BACK TOGETHER AND MAGNUS AND ALEC GOT BACK TOGETHER AND THE WEDDING HAPPENED AND—*le sigh*  Everything was perfect ^.^  I feel like everything worked out amazingly.  I’m so happy we weren’t Veronica Roth’d.  Is that a thing?  Well, it is now!

We FINALLY got to see Tessa!  After all these years!

**Random note: It’s still really weird to think that this series is based in 2007.  That’s like, seven years ago!  *sigh* I miss ’07.**

City of Heavenly Fire, the book many have long-awaited, is a beautiful ending to a unique series. I’m so grateful to have read it, and I’m grateful to my friend, who first recommended City of Bones to me a year ago in March. Without her recommendation, I would have never picked up this amazing series, and I would have never gone on such incredible adventures with Clary and Jace and Simon and Izzy and all of the other characters in this book.

Cassandra Clare is an amazing author, and I am so excited to see what she has in store for us next!

5/5 stars!  Cassie Clare amazes me every single time 😀

Check out my City of Heavenly Fire favorite quotes post here!

Let me know your thoughts!

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