Silly Humans and Eleanor & Park – Collector’s Edition

Hey, guys!  I have another story for y’all 😀

So, on Sunday, I went to Barnes & Noble to look around and decided to get Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.  I really enjoyed Fangirl and have heard so much about Eleanor & Park, that I decided to get it.  I was debating on whether to get the edition with the award on it or to get the original.

I ended up picking the original.

I go into the music section of Barnes & Noble, holding Eleanor & Park, and the employee working in that section and I have a short bookish conversation ^.^

My friend had actually come with me to B&N, and while I looked in the music section, she was in another section, flipping through a book.

So I go back over to her and glance back to look at other books near us when I see a collector’s edition of Eleanor & Park.  ONE COPY.

My Thoughts: Where did that come from?!

So I go over and pick it up, examine it all fangirl-like… and there came a girl.  While I was inner fangirling over this collector’s edition, she just kind of came up beside me.

Now, I didn’t know if she wanted to move past me or what, and I was kind of confused, so I glance up and take a step back, because I was thinking that maybe I was in her way.  She doesn’t say anything, so I’m kind of confused.  I awkwardly look back at the collector’s book and decide that I’m just going to stick with the copy I’d picked out.

I look back up to see that the girl is still standing there.  At this point I’m officially confused.

And then… she talks.

Her: *awkward voice* Oh, actually, I put that down there.

Me: *awkward laugh-type-thing* Oh, sorry!  *puts the book down on the shelf* *thanks the gods that I’d already decided to get the first copy I’d chosen*

Her: Oh, no, it’s okay, you can take it.

Me: Oh, it’s fine, I was getting this copy anyway!

Her: Oh, okay.

*we both walk away in our separate directions*

Okay, I’m not the best conversationalist, and that conversation was sooo awkward!  I was super confused, because after we parted ways, she didn’t get pick up the book.

So I’m waiting for my friend to finish flipping through a book, and we’re in the same section, and I see Collector’s Edition girl come back and get her book all ninja-like.

I realized what had happened, and if I had been in her shoes, I would have felt totally weird about picking up the book after the whole situation.

After that, my friend and I walk around B&N for a while longer, and I SWEAR, every section we went to, Collector’s Edition girl was there!  It was the most awkward, weird experience ever, I kid you not.

We ended up stopping at the café in the store, and guess who was there?

Collector’s Edition girl.

Right now, I’m laughing so hard at the hilariousness of it all, but my Sunday self was super embarrassed XD

embarrassedI was just like, “Okay, we need to hatch an escape plan, ASAP, and it needs to be so good that the Dauntless would be impressed.”  But, for real, I think we both were embarrassed, me and Collector’s Edition girl.

Anyway, I just thought that would be a funny thing to blog about, because that’s never happened to me before.  And if you’re reading this and are thinking that you’re Collector’s Edition girl… um… Hey!  How’s life?  😀

Has something like this ever happened to you before?  Was it really awkward, or did you and the other party just laugh it off?  (I think I’m incapable of laughing off situations when they’re happening, lol.)

That’s all for now!


6 thoughts on “Silly Humans and Eleanor & Park – Collector’s Edition

  1. Ok. So I didn’t have this happen to me with a book, but I did have it happen to me at a thrift store. I’m trying to get furniture for my house, so I’ve been scavenging at thrift stores for cheap stuff to fix up. I walk in one the other day, and there’s this perfect coffee table for $5. Five. Dollars! Of course, I don’t have any money with me, so I call up my bf to come by after work. While waiting for him to show up, I stand beside the coffee table to make it obvious I’m interested in purchasing it so other people will back off. Well, I guess I wasn’t obvious enough because a lady walks straight up to MY coffee table and starts picking it up, poking at it, and called someone to discuss it. The whole time, I’m like, “Please dear goodness don’t let her buy this thing before the bf gets here!” As soon as he got there I bought that thing so fast! Wow…that got kind of rambly..sorry for that 😛


  2. Haha, ramble away! 😀 That sounds hilarious (well, maybe not to you, at the time!); now I know how Collector’s Edition girl must have felt when I picked up her copy of E&P. I’m glad everything worked out in the end. You must have felt so relieved!


  3. I do realize how that could end up being a little awkward, but you know what I’d do in a situation like that? I’d talk to the girl, strike up a conversation about books, authors etc. Because, well, you were in a bookstore and both were planning to read Eleanor and Park- that girl couldn’t have been so bad.
    Maybe you both would’ve become friends too.
    Now I’m making all this up as I go, because I love serendipity but yeah, maybe talking wouldn’t be such a bad idea 😛


    1. I probably should have spoken to her! But I’m awful with striking up conversations at random (even though we both were obviously interested in the same book!). I’m happy to say, though, I have spoken about books to other people at the bookstore. It’s a great feeling!

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