The Chocolate Book Tag

Hey, everyone!  I was tagged to participate in The Chocolate Book Tag by Falling Down The Book Hole, who tagged me an awfully long time ago.  I’m so sorry for taking so long to do this post, I completely forgot about it DX  I’m a horrible person…

But let’s get this show on the road!

Dark Chocolate — A book that covers a dark topic. (abuse, domestic violence, rape, loneliness, bullying, death etc):

story of a girlStory of a Girl by Sara Zarr popped into my head immediately, though I don’t really read many books like this.  I read this book a few years ago, and I’d never really read anything dark like this before, so it was different.  Other books that might fit into this category are The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Bliss by Lauren Myracle, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, and I think Lauren Myracle’s Shine fits into this category, though I haven’t yet read this book.

White Chocolate Your favorite light hearted/humorous read:

FinallyFinally by Wendy Mass is such a funny book!  I loved it!  It’s about a girl who turns twelve years old, and she’s been making a list of all the things her parents said she could do and have when she turned twelve, so she’s really excited for when the day “finally” arrives.  But when she starts accomplishing her list… well, things don’t exactly go according to plan 😀

Milk Chocolate A book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read:

Try every single hyped book in YA.  Just kidding!  But there are several hyped books that I’ve been meaning to read… I just have to get down to reading them.  Here’s one book with bunches of hype that I’ve been meaning to read.  I actually started it, but, uh, got bored.  But I hear it’s a brilliant read, and I’m only a few pages in, so here’s hoping it all goes well when I actually finish it:

throne of glasssThrone of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.  Yes.  I know what you’re thinking.  Yeah.  This is, indeed, the book I was preparing myself to read for Bout of Books… didn’t exactly go as planned… *scratches head awkwardly* Or any Sarah Dessen book.

Chocolate with a caramel center — Name a book that made you feel all gooey in the middle while you were reading it:

FangirlllFangirl by Rainbow Rowell made me feel the extreme goo XD  This was actually hard to come up with, because I don’t usually read “gooey” books like this.  Some runner-ups are Thirteen by Lauren Myracle and Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  LOVE.

Wafer-Free Kit Kat — Name a book that surprised you lately:


If you’ve been around my blog for a few days and you read my review of The Infinite Moment of Us, you’ll know that this book surprised me a lot—and not in a good way.  I was really disappointed in this book.  I didn’t like the characters (any of them), I didn’t like the plot (which was barely there), and this wasn’t very interesting.  I had really expected more from Lauren Myracle, considering she’s one of my favorite authors.  Le sigh…

Snickers A book that you are going nuts about:


Y’all knew it would be this book 😀  City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, is a book I’m officially insane over.  No, I’m insane over Cassie Clare in general.  SHE IS BRILL.  I love her books, and the woman knows how to end a series!

Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows — What book would you turn to for a comforting read?

IMG_2275[1]We’re going back to the basics, here, folks: Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club series and the Baby-Sitter’s Little Sister series.  I loved these books when I was younger, and I still do!  These are just a few in my BSC collection.  I’m so familiar with these books, I think they’d be comfort reads.  I’ve been reading them since I was a kid.  They also brings back some funny school memories (like how I used to stuff a stack of these books in the locker I shared with my friend so we could read them during class XD).  Good times!

It’s funny, because I read that a lot of people used Harry Potter for this question, and HP didn’t even pop into my head!  I guess it’s because I’ve only been a Potterhead for about three and a half years, while some people have been reading this series since they were way younger.

Also, although there are many comforting parts of the Wizarding World, like Hogwarts, **SPOILERS** there are also some crazy scenes of “LET ME KILL YOU, HARRY POTTER!!!” that I don’t exactly find, er, comforting if you’re catching what I’m throwing.

Box of Chocolates What series have you read that you feel has a wide variety and a little something for everyone?

IMG_2376[1]For this, I am going to go with the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.  I think that these books are really relatable, because you’ve got so many diverse characters with different backgrounds and you really do delve into a lot of the characters’ lives and where they came from.  You can also see the characters grow throughout the seven years.  Their maturity grows more and more apparent with each book, and I think that’s a really unique factor of this series.  I think it’s even more special if, when reading these books, you were eleven when Harry was eleven, and you were seventeen when Harry was seventeen.  I think that would make the experience really special.  And, who doesn’t want to go to a school that teaches you magic?!

That is all for The Chocolate Book Tag!  I tag everyone who hasn’t done this tag—just go do it!  I’d love to see your picks!  If you do choose to participate, leave your link down below, and if you’ve already participated in this tag, I’d love to read your post, too!  If you don’t want to make a post about it, let me know in the comments down below what your choices would be for these questions.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That’s funny. I came over to tag you in another tag. 🙂 These are all great choices.
    I’ve tagged you for The Book Blogger Test tag if you’re interested in participating! You can find my post with the questions to participate here! 🙂


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