Beginnings and Consequences

Hey guys!

While wandering aimlessly around Barnes & Noble, I happened to stumble upon two books that I love by an author I worship… and I purchased them!  *squeal!*

Okay, that’s not how it happened at all.  I was looking for two signed copies of these other books.  Beginnings and Consequences just happened to be in that section.

I have no self-control.

Now, you guys have probably never heard of these books because they are better known as the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  Beginnings and Consequences are the first four books in the Lux series combined in two collector’s edition copies with the shiny new covers, called Lux: Beginnings and Lux: Consequences.

Now, if you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know that I love the Lux series.  I really, really wanted to buy the books to add to my collection…

And then I saw the collector’s editions with covers that are only slightly less cheesy than the original covers… OF COURSE I PURCHASED THEM!

Notice how Katy's face is on both of the books when you put them side by side?  Why is that so popular these days???
Notice how Katy’s face is on both of the books when you put them side by side? Why is that so popular these days???

(BTW, I saw, like, a whole freaking stack of collector’s edition copies of Eleanor & Park… *sigh* memories :D)

Anyway, I was on Goodreads and was looking at JLA’s profile, and you know how on author profiles, if the author is actually on GR, you can see their blog posts?  Well, in this blog post by the awesome author, she says that… that…


My feels…

And sure enough,

I fangirled.  Heavily.  It was pretty hardcore.
I fangirled. Heavily. It was pretty hardcore.

Now, you know I hate chapter samplers.  But it’s Opposition… Can I resist the temptation?

I don’t think you understand how much I DIED when I grabbed my copy off the shelf to see that I was holding the first chapter of Opposition in my hands.

I’m so… so conflicted.

Should I wait?  Should I… should I read the stupid chapter?!?  UGHHHH.

What would you do in this position?  Or maybe you are in this position.  Gahh.  Feelz.

To read or not to read—that is the question. 

I would put a Hamlet reference in this XD What?!  I couldn’t resist!  It was staring me in the face!

8 thoughts on “Beginnings and Consequences

  1. Read it! I can never not read the bonus chapters, which leaves me sad for ages while I wait for the rest of the book 😦

    I get that you had to buy the collector editions because I have to have all the books in a series in the same format. I hate when some are hardback and some are paperback, but I’m a bit OCD about the books I own :/


    1. I think I just might read it… 😀

      Ugh, I’m extremely OCD about my book collections being hardcover and paperback, and yet I still torture myself by buying the first book in a series in paperback and the rest in hardcover. *smacks forehead in frustration*

      We readers suffer a lot, heheh.


  2. I would resist the temptation. It will likely only make you want the new book more and make you more upset that you have to wait for it! I usually don’t read the sampler chapters. The only time I do is if I’m re-reading a series…not that that makes any sense, but that’s what I do! 😉


  3. This is definitely a fangirl-worthy moment, but I’d advise you to resist the temptation! It may seem hard, but waiting will make things easier – reading the excerpt won’t be satisfying and you’ll just want the rest of the book right then. I would rather just read the whole thing at once, so I never read those sneak peeks. I’m not even tempted. 🙂


    1. That’s so true! I’ve definitely been on the fence about this, because I love this series… but you’re right about wanting the rest of the book.

      I’ll resist the temptation! And hopefully Opposition is going to be amazing when it comes out (I think it will be!) 😀


  4. I envy those who are able to buy Armentrout’s book. I live in Asia, books from America or other European countries are hard to get. With the taxes and everything, it is extremely expensive like 34-50 dollar (my country’s money) a book.

    Really wanna read Lux: consequences. But what can I do? sigh…


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