How Many Books Can You Get In A Week?

Hey guys!

Haha, you’re probably tired of me using my bookshelf as a background for pictures. But I tried other areas—I just couldn’t resist using the bookshelf!

Last week I had a great week in books.  Eleanor & Park started off this week’s book haul, and of course I have a story that goes along with buying it!  When don’t I?  XD

Anyway, here’s my book haul—the first ever in a long time.  (I used to do book hauls about a year ago, when I would show y’all what I got from the library that week.  Do you remember that?  :D)

IlluminateTitle: Illuminate

Author: Aimee Agresti

I’ve actually never heard of this book, but it sounded really interesting!  And, just look at the cover!  Argh!!!  I usually don’t buy books with covers with gorgeous dresses on them (though I got Teardrop by Lauren Kate for Christmas… does that cover count as a dress?) but I love this!  I’m so excited to read it!

I got it at my library book sale, which is always available for buying any types of books—children’s, YA, textbooks, heck, you can even by records there (there aren’t any that interest me, though).  So, because I got this book at the library, I got the hardcover edition for $2!  UGH why can’t all books be this awesomely-priced?  Because then people like me would just collect mounds and heaps of books…

Wait… I already do that…

e&pTitle: Eleanor & Park

Author: Rainbow Rowell

I really love Rainbow Rowell’s covers—they just seem so simple.

I’ve heard so many great things about E&P, so I’m really excited to read it!  Though, I’ve also heard some not so great things about the book, but hey, that’s how it is in the bookish world.  I’ve heard it was on the sad side, so I don’t know… I’m kind of scared to read this…


iiTitle: Inexcusable

Author: Chris Lynch

I think this book is kind of on the same page as Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak, as I read the summary, and her review is on the cover.  It sounds pretty interesting, though, and it looks like a short read, as was Speak. 

(I got this book for another whopping $2—by now, I’m floating on clouds!)

I might read this book out of all the others first.  Either this one, or the next book I have to show you…

Kiss crush collideTitle: Kiss Crush Collide

Author: Christina Meredith

This cover was enough to intrigue me.  When I read the inside flappy thing, it actually reminded me of Pushing the Limits (I got it from the Kindle store for, like, 69 cents or something wild like that—INSANE), though I haven’t yet read that one.

Anywho, I’m exited!  This book and Inexcusable are both hardcovers, and I got them both at the book sale, so this was also $2.  Eeeeeeeeeek!

EverlastingTitle: Everlasting

Author: Elizabeth Chandler

This book is the second book in the spin-off series to Elizabeth Chandler’s other series, Kissed By An Angel.  I actually have the Kissed By An Angel series, all bound in one book, and thought that Everlasting was a hardcover edition of one of the books in the Kissed By An Angel series.

But, nope!  It’s still the spin-off, so that’s cool.

I love this cover, too.  Black with a splash of color… GIMME.

BeginningsTitle: Beginnings

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

I had to check Goodreads to see what this book was really called—I didn’t really know if I should call it Lux: Beginnings or what.  (I also realized that JLA has written a lot of books!  Must read!)

I blogged about my buying experience with this book here, so check that out if you’re interested (I seem to have a story for everything xD).

Beginnings is the first collector’s edition of the Lux series, and it includes the first two Lux books, Obsidian and Onyx.  Man, just reading the titles of those books brings back memories from when I was reading them, haha!  I think I started the series last November, when my Internet access was very limited… good times 😀

This book actually ties in with the next book I’m going to show you…

ConsequencesTitle: Consequences

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is the second collector’s edition of the Lux series, which includes Opal and Origin, the third and fourth books in the series.

I actually really miss the male model on these covers XD His name is Pepe Toth, and I looked it up to see if he was digitally created or something…

Er, he’s real.

I don’t know if you can tell, but his outline from the Origin cover is, if you’re looking at the cover of Consequences, on your right.  Like, his head is under the second ‘c’ in the word “consequences.”  Can you see him? XD

TwilightTitle: Twilight

Author: I think we all know the answer to this question Stephenie Meyer

Okay, so I got Twilight.  It was literally ONE DOLLAR.  WHY WOULDN’T I GET IT?  Plus, I did like this book, so there.

Let the protest commence…

But, seriously.  This series had many problems, but I actually enjoyed this book.  It brought back a million memories from, like, five years ago, when everyone was going wild for Twilight.  I swear, everywhere I turned, it was like, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?!”

And I was like, ?

I think we can all agree that these are the best covers.  EVAH.  Seriously, I love the black background with a splash of color thing.  So, props to whoever designed the covers!

ParallelTitle: Parallel

Author: Lauren Miller

I got to meet this author at an author event!!!  And she signed my copy of the book 😀  It was amazing!

When Lauren Miller was talking about her book, it sounded soooo interesting and crazy and I just needed it. 

So, yeah, that was fun!  I haven’t been to an author event since last October >.<

eveeTitle: Eve

Author: Anna Carey

This book… sounds so… freaking… awesome.  It kind of reminded me of The Darkest Minds when I read about it, and OMG I LOVE THAT SERIES.

*composes myself*

But, yeah, I’m really excited to read this, and hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!

Alright, guys, that’s my book haul!  Lots of stuff went on!

I’d better go and put my new books back in their assigned places—I’m already beginning to run out of space on my shelves!  I’ve been having to do some tricky maneuvering… I think I’ve got it.

Oh, one last thing before I go.  So, remember the TBR cup I made?  Well, I had to use it to catch a spider… *shudders*  Anyway, this is my replacement… I got a kick out of it XD

DSCN1390I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard… That’s me for ya! 😀

Thanks for reading,


27 thoughts on “How Many Books Can You Get In A Week?

      1. Will do, thanks! I’m going to go hunting for a jar/cup or something similar to keep my own TBR in… Improvising is the key to many things. 😉


  1. I get a lot of books at my library sales too (:
    They have Paperbacks for 25 cts
    And Hardcovers for 50
    So I love going there and finding cool books.
    I recently found a paperback copy of Twilight there and also a couple of Cassandra Clare’s books (:


    1. Fifty cents for a hardcover?! You lucky person! I’m jealous! AND Cassie Clare books? *faints* There was a paperback copy of Twilight and New Moon, and I should have gotten New Moon, because it was a dollar, but I didn’t enjoy New Moon… le sigh.


  2. Grrrr…I want to read Eleanor & Park SO BADLY, but there are apparently several other people who feel the same way because I’ve had it requested from the library for a month now. Oh well! I’m stealing you TBR Jar idea as well. Once I get done with my current library haul I plan to read a bunch of the books I’ve been purchasing lately, and a TBR Jar is just what I need!


    1. That’s quite a while! I hope you get Eleanor & Park soon!

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I have about four books from the library that need reading, but after that, I’m putting my foot down and stopping all library visits until I finish all the books I’ve bought, haha. We’ll see how long this “library ban” lasts for me ;D


  3. Ohh great haul!
    I’m definitely checking out Inexcusable. Speak is one of my favourite books (and films), so anything similar to that is a must have. I have Parallel on my bookshelf but I’m yet to read it (this is why a ban is so necessary!), it seems interesting so I should really pick it up soon!
    Ahh I read Eve last year and it was kinda interesting but I didn’t really like it :/ I was more like “meh” over it. I haven’t read the second book though so maybe it gets better. I’ll pick it up only if I find it at the library. I think the premise is interesting, it’s just the protagonist who ruined it for me haha.
    I’ve heard a lot about JLA and that series. I’m just not actually sure what it’s about and I’ve seen it shelved under New Adult on Goodreads and I haven’t had the greatest experiences with New Adult books 😦
    I’m also stealing the TBR wine glass idea 😛 I always struggle to choose the next book to read so I end up not even reading anything or re-reading my favourite books!
    Happy reading! 😀


    1. Thank you!

      I loved Speak, and the movie adaptation of it, so I’m really looking forward to Inexcusable. Parallel sounded so awesome, which is why I got it 😀 Hopefully it’s as good as I think. I started reading it, but only got a few pages in due to library books.

      I hope I like Eve, too! It sounded pretty interesting, and it kind of reminded me of one of my favorite series. That’s probably why I flocked to it, haha! If you wrote up a review, I’ll have to look for it 🙂

      Yeah, I haven’t really read many NA books. I read The Infinite Moment of Us, which, in my opinion, should have been in NA (and I ended up not liking it 😦 ). I’m not sure if Lux is NA… haha, maybe borderline?

      I totally know that feeling! There’s just such a large selection… But you should make a TBR jar/cup/wine glass, haha! I got the idea from this other blogger, Falling Down The Book Hole. Hers was much cuter than mine XD


      1. I’ll be looking forward to your review on Inexcusable when you do read it 😛
        I reviewed it on Goodreads but it’s a terrible review. It’s really harsh and spoilery. Maybe after you’ve read it I’ll send you a link haha
        It’s a great idea! I’m working on my TBR glass right now! Hopefully I can actually use it and not cheat… :’)


  4. Eleanor & Park is a fantastic book! I definitely suggest just diving right into it head-first. Once I started reading it, I found it hard to stop!


  5. You know, I liked Twilight too! It was good for an easy, teen romancey read that you can just plop down with on your most comfy couch with chocolate or something. It’s like a comfort read, even for some of its faults.


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